by | January 25, 2019 | 17:04

Jose Maria Madiedo , an astronomer working on the Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System (MIDAS) project, shared a YouTube video of the event, saying the images "correspond to a lunar impact flash spotted by the telescopes operating in the framework of the MIDAS survey on [January] 21".

by | January 25, 2019 | 17:12

The other, issued by the several US government agencies just after Thanksgiving, laid out a litany of ills climate change could bring to the country - heat waves that could make Chicago feel like Las Vegas, warming ocean temperatures that could displace Maine's lobsters and a year-round spike in disease-carrying mosquitoes in Florida.

by | January 24, 2019 | 00:25

During a speech at the Economic Club of Canada, the Ontario premier said there are already warning signs of hard economic times ahead and a carbon tax will kill jobs and hurt productivity on a national scale. His government's policy does include a type of pollution pricing adopted from the federal plan. Saskatchewan and Ontario have launched court challenges of the federal plan.

by | January 23, 2019 | 03:25

Attenborough, whose natural history programmes include " Blue Planet II " and " Dynasties ", said it was hard to overstate how urgent the climate crisis had become. William will discuss the urgent challenges facing the next generation of environmental leaders with Sir David, who he has described as having "the single most important impact in my conservation thinking".

by | January 23, 2019 | 02:26

A variety of factors affect the appearance of the moon during a total lunar eclipse. Astronomy Ireland says that the total part of the eclipse runs for just over an hour, from 4:41am to 5:43am on Monday morning, when the Moon will be high in the West as seen from the entire country.

by | January 22, 2019 | 02:17

The full eclipse began at 4.40 am in the United Kingdom and appeared red at 5.12 am, according to the Royal Astronomical Society. Tenerife, a Spanish island off West Africa, was treated to a great sighting. Known as a "super blood wolf moon" - the moon also appeared brighter and larger than normal due to its proximity to the Earth. And David Wahl, the Director of Awesome at Seattle's Archie McPhee novelty emporium , suggested that from now on, each night's moon should be given a jazzy name.

by | January 21, 2019 | 05:31

Why is it called a 'super blood wolf moon?' This can only be possible when the Sun, Earth and Moon are exactly or very closely aligned and having the earth between them. This light is refracted through the earth's atmosphere giving the moon an eerie glow. Expect the colour of this moon to be the dark reddish orange. Totality - when the moon is completely bathed in Earth's shadow - will last an hour, starting at about 10:41 Minnesota.

by | January 19, 2019 | 00:44

Periods of snow are expected to begin Saturday morning and taper off late Saturday night. The latest analysis suggests that snowfall amounts will range from 5 to 10 cm near Lake Ontario to 2 to 5 cm north of highway 7. "Details should become more clear over the next couple of days as the system gradually develops over the southern USA", said Environment Canada. Significant snowfall and frigid winds had already been forecast for this weekend, but the federal agency amped up its special ...

by | January 19, 2019 | 01:13

Carper cited rollbacks in vehicle mileage standards and toxic mercury emissions under Wheeler as examples of unsafe deregulation, saying they went beyond what industries themselves wanted. "Participation in and preparation for a confirmation hearing that has been scheduled by Congress is clearly excepted under Department of Justice, Office of Legal Counsel, opinions", EPA General Counsel Matt Leopold said in a statement last week .

by | January 19, 2019 | 02:01

The next total lunar eclipse that's positioned over North America won't be until May of 2022. There is a problem, however. There's another storm expected Sunday raising the possibility that the eclipse could be eclipsed by clouds. EST Monday (Jan. 21), the moon will poke itself out of the umbra and into the penumbra; and at 1:50 a.m. EST (10:50 p.m. PST, Jan. 20), it will have totally left the umbra.

by | January 18, 2019 | 04:34

A supermoon occurs when the moon is within 90 percent of its closest possible distance to the Earth. According to the Weather Network , the full moon will be 357,728 kilometres from Earth around midnight on Sunday, so it won't just be red, but it will also appear larger in the sky.

by | January 16, 2019 | 04:59

If the sprouts thrive they would form the first ever green leaves on the moon - however it is not clear whether they would develop beyond germination. The moon's nighttime period lasts for about two Earth weeks. According to Wu, Chang'e 6 will be on a mission to collect samples from the Moon's South pole and later missions will be created to conduct surveys of the surrounding area.

by | January 16, 2019 | 01:39

The PNAS study estimated that Antarctica lost 169 billion tonnes of ice from 1992-2017, above the 109 billion tonnes in the same period estimated past year by a large worldwide team of researchers. Scientists came to that conclusion after systematically computing gains and losses across 65 sectors of Antarctica where large glaciers - or a series of glaciers flowing into an ice shelf - reach the sea.

by | January 13, 2019 | 06:00

The object was detected last June, suddenly flaring up and then vanishing within the Hercules constellation - roughly 200 million light years away from Earth . Using data gathered from 16 telescopes around the world, Margutti's team analyzed data on the Cow over a broad range of wavelengths that spanned from radio waves to gamma rays, as well as hard X-rays, which are 10 times more powerful than normal X-rays.

by | January 13, 2019 | 06:15

Oceans are warming primarily because of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere by human activity. That in turn is forcing fish to flee to cooler waters. The warming has lead to an increase of rain, rising sea levels , destruction of coral reefs , declining ocean oxygen levels and declines in ice sheets , ice caps and glaciers in polar regions, according to the study.

by | January 13, 2019 | 02:44

According to Lagoa's court profile, while a practicing lawyer, she was admitted to practice by the Florida Bar, the U.S. District Courts for the Middle and Southern Districts of Florida, and the U.S. Her appointment, replacing retiring Justice Fred Lewis, is effective immediately. "The Cuban people do not know what laws apply to them or whether they will receive a fair trial after arbitrarily being accused of political crimes", he said.

by | January 12, 2019 | 03:43

The TDE the team used in the study, ASASSN-14li, was discovered in November 2014. "Events where black holes shred stars that come too close to them could help us map out the spins of several supermassive black holes that are dormant and otherwise hidden at the centers of galaxies", said Dheeraj Pasham, the first author of the study.

by | January 12, 2019 | 03:42

Delivery of the satellites to create a second-generation communication constellation was expected to start 56 minutes after launch and be complete 1 hour and 12 minutes after blastoff. Once all 10 commercial satellites have been released, Iridium Next will have 75 spacecraft in orbit, with 66 of those used for the constellation and the others serving as in-orbit spares.

by | January 12, 2019 | 01:38

This isn't what the final version of the Starship will look like. SpaceX and Tesla boss Elon Musk has tweeted a photo of the former company's under-development "Starship" - or at least, a version that will be used for testing. "Orbital version is taller, has thicker skins (won't wrinkle) & a smoothly curving nose section", he added. "This is for suborbital VTOL tests", Musk said .

by | January 12, 2019 | 01:33

The photos reveal a seemingly endless horizon of grey, rocky terrain. The lander succeeded in its first task of deploying its rover - named Yutu-2 - which has started exploring the Moon's Von Karman crater. The space administration also released a 12-minute video of Chang'e 4's landing, made up of more than 4,700 images taken by an onboard camera.

by | January 11, 2019 | 05:42

Biodiesel-blended heating oil known as Bioheat is one effective drop-in solution for reducing noxious and greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, which is an important sector considering Rhodium Group's research demonstrates that the largest growth in USA carbon emissions previous year took place in buildings and industry.

by | January 11, 2019 | 02:57

By combining this detailed observation with similar surveys of the Milky Way , Andromeda, and other galaxies in the Local Group , astronomers will be able to learn more about how stars form and evolve. Astronomer Steven Bellavia, an engineer at Brookhaven National Laboratory, coincidentally sent me an image he took of the galaxy with a 71mm refracting telescope and 20 megapixel astronomy camera over the course of two hours.

by | January 10, 2019 | 03:14

Together they could offer some evidence of the extreme or unusual environment they are coming from - or the mysterious technology that some claim alien civilisations could be launching them into space with. A majority of the intercepted fast radio bursts shows signs of "scattering", a phenomenon that reveals information about the environment where the radio waves originated from, reported .

by | January 09, 2019 | 03:07

The new exoplanet , named HD 21749b , was discovered by NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite ( TESS ), which launched in April . A year ago at the American Astronomical Society meeting, it was announced that citizen scientists helped discover five planets between the size of Earth and Neptune around star K2-138, the first multiplanet system found through crowdsourcing.

by | January 07, 2019 | 04:27

Kuipers revealed the mistake on the radio via the Dutch public broadcasting organization Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS). Astronauts are able to place calls from the ISS, but to get an outside line, they must first dial 9. Kuipers said he felt a little let down that no one came to space to help. Kuipers was not the first astronaut to call a wrong number, as his colleague Tim Peake posted about his experience on his Twitter account in 2015.

by | January 07, 2019 | 03:37

It then released a rover, named Yutu-2, which rolled out onto the surface down a ramp. The rover, which weighs around 300 pounds, will explore the surrounding area of the far side of the moon , never before traversed. The rover, also known as Jade Rabbit 2, has six powered wheels, so it can keep working even if one fails, according to The Associated Press . It is also able to climb 20-degree hills and objects 8 inches tall.

by | January 06, 2019 | 14:24

Slat also said that Wilson had collected about 4,500 pounds of plastic waste over a period of several weeks, a far cry from the 2,200 pounds the crew had believed it would collect every week. The system's deployment followed years of Ocean Cleanup research and fundraising that generated about $35 million in donations and sponsors, including PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.

by | January 06, 2019 | 13:53

Thursday night, the Quadrantid meteor shower will produce a dazzling display in the sky for parts of the globe. NASA describes the Quadrantids as "one of the best annual meteor showers", known for their "bright fireball meteors". Even if you only catch the shower at an off-peak moment, the rates of about 25 meteors per hour are still expected. Lie flat on your back with feet facing northeast and look up at the sky - it should take less than 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark.

by | January 05, 2019 | 03:46

The Chang'e-4 is an unmanned apparatus, which naturally reduces the risk, but it will still be a challenge for engineers to ensure the commands during the approach of the space probe to the far side of the Moon, the precision landing of the probe to a specified point, using a remote control, and the successful transmission of images to Earth.

by | January 04, 2019 | 13:36

The Quadrantid shower, however, is a product of an asteroid. During its peak in early January, anywhere from 60 to as many as 200 Quadrantid meteors can be seen per hour in ideal conditions. So what is the history of this yearly meteor shower? The meteors will be visible anywhere in the sky. Here are Nasa's tips for viewing the Quadrantids: 'Come prepared for winter weather with a sleeping bag, blanket or lawn chair.

by | January 04, 2019 | 11:26

The close approach came a half-hour into the new year, and three years after New Horizons' unprecedented swing past Pluto. New images from varying perspectives - captured as the probe moved passed the object - will bring out shadows on the object surfaces, revealing its contours more clearly.

by | January 04, 2019 | 10:01

Chang'e-4, whose name comes a mythological goddess who lives on the moon with her pet rabbit, represents another step forward for the CNSA's ambitions. "So when what we call mining in space, resource utilisation in space - whether by the moon, Mars or asteroids - becomes more and more of a reality, what we'll see is a bigger and bigger issue".

by | January 03, 2019 | 02:03

Ultima Thule, as the small, icy object has been dubbed , was found to consist of two fused-together spheres, one of them three times bigger than the other, extending about 32 km across. Kuiper Belt Objects, of which Pluto is the largest, are especially interesting because they are thought to retain some of the Solar System's original building material, left undisturbed after billions of years.

by | January 02, 2019 | 06:12

NASA's New Horizons probe has flown past Ultima Thule - a ball of dust and ice that's 6.5 billion kilometres from Earth. But despite the festive atmosphere - which included the release of a New Horizons song recorded by contributing scientist and rock guitarist Brian May of Queen, who was on hand for the event - the mission team had no way of knowing if their spacecraft was still in one piece and executing its reconnaissance of Ultima Thule .

by | January 02, 2019 | 04:12

Formed from the debris left by Hailey's Comet when it flew by Earth in 1986, the Eta Aquarids meteor shower will be one of the best we'll witness this year. The Super Blood Wolf Moon will start late in the evening on Jan 20. The "Tremendous" on this particular lunar installment is derived from the period "supermoon", which refers back to the time every year when the moon reaches its perigee or the goal at which it's closest to the earth.