Ministers to step up pace on climate change targets

Ministers to step up pace on climate change targets

Scotland should set its net-zero date at 2045, a target that the Scottish Government moved to implement this morning, while Wales should aim to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 95 per cent by 2050, based on varying levels of capacity.

"The public will need to be engaged if the transition is to succeed", the report said.

Morgan added: "The CCC report also highlights that we must change what we eat, along with how produce it".

"Today we have a chance to lead the new Industrial Revolution,".

The target is less than the "net zero" emissions the report recommended for the UK.

"A policy gap, however, now exists to bring forward new power generation technologies in the 2020's".

Direction is required from government in relation to heat and carbon capture and storage.

On a United Kingdom scale, the warnings over Scotland's preparedness for its landfill ban should serve as a lesson that investment in infrastructure to deal with displaced waste will need to be made well in advance of a ban if the United Kingdom is to be able to adequately deal with its generated waste.

Britons should be encouraged to consume around 20 percent less beef, lamb and dairy products, while growth in air travel would likely need to be curbed unless the aviation sector adopts low-carbon fuels such as biofuel or electrified air travel.

"Before she steps down, the prime minister has the opportunity to do something uncharacteristically bold: ensure the United Kingdom adopts a new, legal net-zero emissions target by 2050 at the very latest".

Wind turbines: Will be much more prevalent off the shore of the United Kingdom - and possibly on the land as well.

Such an increase would mean between 540 and 645TWh of low carbon power on the system, a significant leap from the 155TWh the United Kingdom boasts today.

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'Our net-zero scenarios imply a significant roll-out of energy efficiency measures in new and existing homes (around 6 million cavity walls, 6 million solid walls and 21,000 loft insulation measures),' the report said.

"If this is not addressed sooner rather than later, taking the necessary steps will be more expensive for United Kingdom taxpayers".

However, Green MSP Mark Ruskell said this was not ambitious enough. "It needs to have plausible, deliverable plans".

That's the verdict from Director of the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE), Dr Tim Rotheray, who said: "Decentralised energy can deliver at scale and can compete with the traditional outdated model of only using large scale energy generators".

The new target will raise the goals set out in the draft Climate Change Bill, which had demanded a 90 per cent drop in emissions by 2050, but stated that a net-zero target would be set as soon as was practicably possible.

He said: "The world's scientists have told us that every additional half-degree of warming really matters".

"We can't keep playing politics if we're going to tackle climate change. A roughly fifty-fifty chance of exceeding 1.5°C is worse odds than Russian roulette". By setting a strong net-zero target for 2045 it can continue that leadership on the world stage.

"Our organisations are aligned: Acting to tackle damaging climate change is vital".

As more greenhouse gases lead to more warming, stabilising the planet's temperature at any level will require global emissions to fall to zero overall.

He added: "The gas infrastructure is already in place for almost nine out of 10 homes, through our world-leading gas network".

Gas boilers: These will be replaced by electric boilers and heat pumps.

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