Nintendo: No plans to announce new hardware at E3 2019

Nintendo: No plans to announce new hardware at E3 2019

Sales of the Nintendo Switch are no longer meeting Nintendo's predictions, suggesting that the success of the console will be short-lived.

The news of the partnership and hopes that it will extend to mobile gaming helped lift Nintendo's stock price to six-month highs last week.

Nintendo first showed off a few of the new items and customization options when "Super Mario Maker 2" was first announced in February, including Mario's Lucky Bell power-up that outfits him in a cat suit and allows him to climb walls. Analysts expected 350 billion yen of operating profit, but Nintendo only achieved 260 billion yen.

This matches up with previous WSJ reports that Nintendo would spruce up the Switch's 6.2-inch 720p LCD screen to an OLED panel and possibly amp the base model's 4310mAh battery size and add quick charging options.

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Nintendo may reveal its cheaper Switch option very soon.

Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny those rumored new versions of Switch, but its president has said outright that it won't announce new hardware at E3 2019.

It expects to ship 18 million Switch devices the current year, up from 17 million for the year just ended. By comparison, the Wii U hit 13.56 million units sold in its lifetime from 2012 to 2017. While that missed the company's ambitious plan to sell 20 million units during the fiscal year, it did represent a 12.7% year-on-year increase.

The Switch games pipeline continues to create fan excitement, with two full Pokemon titles due later this year. Annual sales rose 14% to 1.2 trillion yen ($10.7 billion).

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