Bernie Sanders releases 10 years of tax returns

Bernie Sanders releases 10 years of tax returns

From canapé-filled fund-raisers on the coasts to the cloakrooms of Washington, mainstream Democrats are increasingly anxious that their effort to defeat President Trump in 2020 could be complicated by Mr. Sanders, in a political scenario all too reminiscent of how Mr. Trump himself seized the Republican nomination in 2016.

Asked whether his plans bring big price tags that would drive up the national debt, the Democratic presidential contender scoffed at the suggestion, saying his plans for more taxes on the wealthy and the biggest multinational corporations would cover the costs of his ideas. While Trump is still inspiring disdain over a unsafe, cryptically anti-Muslim tweet he made over the weekend about Rep. Ilhan Omar - for which he has refused to apologize - he's also eliciting chuckles over a freakish tweet he made about Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

Sanders, 77, faces competition from a large Democratic primary field dominated by candidates who may have more appeal with the party's rising base of young people, non-white voters and women. He said Sanders would likely seize on any organized efforts to stop him.

The campaign capitalized on the conflict by launching an "emergency 48-hour fundraising drive to fight back against the "anti-Sanders" campaign being hatched by the financial elite of this country". The self-proclaimed socialist raised $18 million in the first quarter of 2019.

Early fundraising prowess can signal the strength of a candidate's campaign. Booker received only 16 percent of that $5 million from donations of $200 or less, according to CNN. While Democrats often tout support from small donors, Trump beat the entire Democratic field in the ratio of small-donor contributions, with nearly 99 percent of the donations to his campaign coming from supporters who gave $200 or less.

Democratic presidential candidate, US Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Massachusetts Sen. He also challenged Trump to release his tax returns. That same poll had Biden leading Sanders by 10 percent in February, and then showed them tied in March.

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The surge by Sanders is indicative of a hard-left shift within the Democratic Party.

The Sanders campaign responded with an email blast slamming CAP as "the epitome of the political establishment" and "an organization whose massive annual budget is bankrolled by billionaires and corporate executives that profit from finance, pharmaceutical companies, fossil fuels, and sending American jobs overseas". In comparison, the total projected spending by the federal government over the next decade is $60 trillion.

CAP, founded in 2003 by John Podesta, who was former President Bill Clinton's final chief of staff and Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign chairman, and its top officials have often been accused by progressives loyal to Sanders of seeking to undermine his political agenda - debates that frequently blow up on social media platforms like Twitter.

"We thought that debate ended in the 1980s".

"I didn't slug him, I pushed him", Tanden told the Times.

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