Ecuador spread lies about Assange: lawyer

Ecuador spread lies about Assange: lawyer

Julian Assange "hit" staff at the Ecuadorean embassy during his seven-year stay after he was granted asylum, The Times has learnt.

Footage of Assange messing around on a skateboard has travelled around the world quicker than a historic WikiLeaks document dump (back when the media was interested in cashing in off the back of Assange's work).

The government of Ecuador has continued taking jabs at WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after effectively evicting him from its London embassy and allowing for his arrest.

The Latin American country has claimed Assange's actions deteriorated before his arrest last week and included putting excrement on walls, leaving soiled laundry in the bathroom, and not properly looking after his cat.

The letter to Moreno is dated 10 April 2019 - a day before Assange was taken from the country's London embassy.

His relationship with his hosts collapsed after Ecuador accusing him of leaking information about Moreno's personal life.

The leaked video footage shows Assange clashing with a security guard as he holds a meeting with visitors who allegedly refused to leave.

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Confined to a tiny bedroom - a converted ladies lavatory - at the cramped 3 Hans Crescent building in Knightsbridge, he spent nearly 2500 days there before being dragged out by British police last week when the South American nation revoked his political asylum.

Assange's lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, disputed the claims when she appeared on Sky's Sophy Ridge On Sunday. This man has been inside a room with no outside access.

Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno has defended his decision to remove Assange's asylum status last week claiming he 'repeatedly violated his asylum conditions.' The president made references to Assange's apparently poor hygiene, following allegations made by Ecuador's interior minister Maria Paula Romo.

There's little concern either from Assange's fellow journalists that Ecuador was seemingly spying on him while inside the embassy.

The WikiLeaks founder is in custody in London awaiting sentencing for breaching his British bail conditions in 2012 by seeking refuge in the Ecuadoran embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden.

Dubbed "Collateral Murder", the footage prompted worldwide concern over the conduct of USA forces stationed in the Middle East, something supporters of WikiLeaks argue remains behind Washington's renewed drive to extradite Assange to face charges in the United States. The charge is in relation to Assange's alleged work with Chelsea Manning, a former USA intelligence analyst, in cracking a password that helped Manning infiltrate Pentagon computers.

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