NASA says the first person on Mars will likely be a woman

NASA says the first person on Mars will likely be a woman

Jim Bridenstine made the announcement during the science and technology radio show Science Friday.

While Bridenstine did not identify a specific person, he said that women are at the forefront of the United States space agency's upcoming plans.

In Bridenstine's published statement today, he summarizes: "Beginning with a series of small commercial delivery missions to the Moon as early as this year, we will use new landers, robots and eventually humans by 2028 to conduct science across the entire lunar surface".

Bridenstine responded "absolutely" to a question from a Twitter user who asked whether women will be included in the agency's next trip to the moon. The water molecules recorded by LAMP likely accumulated over time on the surface of the Moon instead of "raining" down.

'So NASA is committed to making sure that we have a broad and diverse set of talent'.

The US agency later this month will conduct its first-ever all-female spacewalk on the International Space Station. Jackie Kagey will be the lead spacewalk flight controller.

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When NASA's Apollo missions sent mankind to the Moon things were a lot different for women in NASA and, put simply, the agency was overwhelmingly male.

NASA has come a long way since 1978, when the first six women joined NASA's astronaut corps. We feel lucky that it [the all-female spacewalk] just sort of happened to be in Women's History Month'.

The White House's proposed 2020 fiscal year budget seeks to shelve the development of an upgraded version of NASA's Space Launch System (SLS). "At $21 billion, this budget represents a almost 6 percent increase over last year's request and comes at a time of constrained resources across the federal government".

"The president has given us Space Policy Directive 1, which says to go back to the moon, and we're going to do that in short order - maybe even in 2019, but at least by 2020 - with commercial lunar payload services that are going to be funded through the Science Mission Directorate, and all of this is going to be possible because we're looking at going fast", Bridenstine said. LAMP measures the layer of molecules found on the Moon's surface to see the changes that transpired through time.

This first mission coming up - essentially a three-week test flight - would carry no crew and would not land.

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