Confirmed: Mitt Romney’s never been to a birthday party before

Confirmed: Mitt Romney’s never been to a birthday party before

Mitt Romney celebrated his 72nd birthday today by messing up something so simple there are literally millions of videos online of two-year-olds doing it.

"Look at that", he said in video posted to Twitter. A video of the surprise shows Romney individually taking out each candle and blowing it out just a few inches from his face, rather than just blowing out the candles on the cake all at once.

Social media users immediately began joking about the approaching, while some came to his defense to now spreading his germs all over the sponge cakes.

"These are all wishes I'm getting", Romney says in the video.

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Some on social media were impressed by the "genius" way Romney avoided blowing all over the cake, protecting his staff from germs, including WBZ-TV's David Wade.

Nellie Brown, director of Workplace Health and Safety Programs at Cornell University, agrees that the GOP politician is on the right track when it comes to preventing the spread of germs, even if it was ultimately a hygiene fail. The "cake" was actually a plate of Twinkies, Romney's "favorite snack," arranged into a general cake shape and adorned with candles.

"Disease transfer can occur easily through commonly touched objects", such as the candles and cakes themselves, Brown says. It emphasizes "the need for frequent hand-washing".

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