PlayStation 4 Remote Play Arrives On iOS Devices With Firmware Update 6.50

PlayStation 4 Remote Play Arrives On iOS Devices With Firmware Update 6.50

The major new feature is remote play for iOS devices. Once people download the update, which is available immediately, they can then download the app from the iTunes Store for their iPhone or iPad.

You can now choose 720p when you broadcast using Niconico Live.This service is available only in certain countries and regions. You only need to go to your PlayStation 4 and update its software and then download the Remote Play app to your iPhone. You can not connect the DualShock controller to iPhone as well which would have otherwise made the iPhone a ideal portable PS4 gaming device. Do note that not all PS4 games are going to be compatible with Remote Play. The update allows owners of both the console and an iOS device to play their PlayStation 4 games remotely. You can not pair or play via a mobile network. But not anymore; more than four years after its initial debut, Remote Play has finally graced iOS.

PS4 update 6.50 is now available to download.

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Players can use the app to display their PlayStation 4's screen on their iOS device, use their device as a controller, join voice chats, and enter text using the device's keyboard. However, the App Store states "This app may not be compatible with some games".

This app will only work with high-speed internet via Wi-Fi.

The update also includes the option to swap how the cross and circle buttons are used, in menus and the like - which, if you've seen our little video on what those buttons mean, might be of interest.

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