AMD Radeon VII revealed as AMD's 7nm flagship gaming GPU

AMD Radeon VII revealed as AMD's 7nm flagship gaming GPU

AMD's early CES 2019 keynote was mostly a rehash of other points the company has addressed already at the event, including its new 12nm Ryzen Mobile parts and the company's general collaboration with Microsoft and others in the gaming and creative industries. Damn, this AMD Radeon VII is just layers upon layers of clever.

That said, AMD did show some slides showing performance that was equivalent to the RTX 2080 and even greater than it in an unspecified Vulkan title.

AMD has announced its first 7nm processors will be Ryzen 3rd Generation and they are a doozy. This necessitates an adjustment to AMD's product stacks and it now appears that the new performance kick may come from these new Radeon VII cards rather than exclusively from Vega price cuts.

Naturally, AMD Radeon VII will support FreeSync 2, Async Compute, Rapid Packed Math and Shader Intrinsics. Radeon VII.5? Radeon VII+? It delivers up to 35 percent higher performance in Battlefield V when compared to the Radeon RX Vega 64 card, and it delivers up to 25 percent higher performance in Fortnite.

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The Radeon VII will serve as a more direct competitor to Nvidia's RTX 2080 model and will retail for the same price of $699.

During AMD's CES 2019 keynote today, the Radeon VII, a new high-end gaming GPU, was revealed to be arriving next month. It provides up to 27 percent higher performance in the popular open source 3D creation application Blender7, up to 27 percent higher performance in the professional video editing, color correction and visual effects application DaVinci Resolve 158, and up to 62 percent higher performance in the OpenCL™ LuxMark compute benchmark9 compared to the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 graphics card. All things being equal Far Cry 5 and Battlefield V both generally favour AMD GPUs thanks to their history with its GCN architecture.

This is a bit of surprising move from AMD, given that the company had previously kept a tight lid on the idea that a 7nm Vega refresh would actually ship and compete in the consumer market. I guess maybe that changed when AMD saw the pricing and performance of the Nvidia RTX range... So, still no news as to when that little beauty is going to make an appearance, but we're still betting on Computex, around the same time as the new AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs...

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