An astronaut mistakenly called 911 while in space!

An astronaut mistakenly called 911 while in space!

It is not every day when you hear that someone from space called 911!

A Dutch astronaut accidentally called 911 from the International Space Station, Newsweek reports.

The 911 call apparently triggered an emergency situation at the Center, with technicians checking the line that connected the ISS and Earth.

Kuipers revealed the mistake on the radio via the Dutch public broadcasting organization Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS).

Astronauts are able to place calls from the ISS, but to get an outside line, they must first dial 9.

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Unaware of the chaos he caused at the space center, Kuipers received an email the following day saying "Did you call 911?" Kuipers says his fingers didn't dial correctly and he ended up with 911.

The 60 year-old astronaut said that he was attempting to make contact with NASA at the space center in Houston, but due to the zero gravity environment he must have slipped up and misdialed the numbers.

Kuipers said he felt a little let down that no one came to space to help.

Kuipers was not the first astronaut to call a wrong number, as his colleague Tim Peake posted about his experience on his Twitter account in 2015. The incident occurred at some point over the course of his 203 days in space across two missions between 2004 and 2011, and as the man himself explained, such a seemingly rare mistake is actually quite easy to make, even when you're off-planet. The woman on the phone thought it was a prank when he said: "Hello, is this planet Earth?"

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