Fortnite's Map Changes In Big Ways For Season 7

Fortnite's Map Changes In Big Ways For Season 7

I found one location on the frozen island while investigating a hidden rift, and there could be more random spots with single plane spawns. Developer Epic Games has introduced a wealth of new content to the title this season, from new pets, skins, and toys to a load of other cosmetics you can unlock through the Season 7 Battle Pass.

The new vehicles look set to be pretty limited in the game, only spawning in certain locations and potentially with conditions surrounding their appearance. From there the camera zooms out to a room of the cartoonish, now-iconic Fortnite characters watching it all unfold on their TV, when they get shocked out of their reverie by the major addition to Fortnite's new season: Christmas. When happy with their designs gamers can then invite their friends to their dream Fortnite environment - battling and/or racing around the island, shooting movies, having fun in new ways. The plane can seat five players and features a mounted gun, allowing you to fire at opponents from the skies.

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As of this morning, Fortnite season 7 is now live, and as ever a new season of Fortnite means a drastic change to the map, themes, and content of the game.

The holiday season is upon is and along with it comes a new season of Fortnite. The map, for instance, is changing once again, and players have an entirely new Battle Pass to progress through. Beware the slipperiness of the mountain, however, if you don't land on it straight away, it can be tough to get back to the top without drawing attention to yourself.

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