Thousands of caravan migrants seek asylum in Mexico

Thousands of caravan migrants seek asylum in Mexico

The choice for the migrants on whether to stay or trek on is a serious gamble, as Trump has seized on the caravan as a United States election issue and portrayed it as a major threat, though such caravans have sprung up regularly over the years and largely passed unnoticed.

While many at the stadium were unaware of the US congressional elections and their unwitting role in some campaigning, news spread to others by word of mouth and reports seen on phones.

"I looked for work, and nothing", Gonzalez said, adding that her husband had been robbed and had to hand over everything he made selling crabs so his assailants wouldn't do worse. Rodriguez, 34, fled her country with her 16-year-old daughter Emily, after the girl began to draw unwanted attention from a drug trafficker.

What she did know, she said, was that "the US president has acted badly".

Mr. Trump last month said he would sign an executive order this week clamping down on asylum claims, though he didn't give any details.

Martinez said he was rooting for a victory from the Democrats, who are seeking to wrest control of the House of Representatives and Senate from the Republicans.

"Mexico", said Franklin Martinez, 46, a maintenance man from Intibuca, Honduras, when asked about his final destination.

The stadium's enclosed space and government intervention makes it hard for aid workers to reach the migrants, said Nancy Rojas, an Oxfam charity worker who has accompanied the migrants for weeks. "They're not well-received at the border".

Members of the caravans of migrants, which President Donald Trump made a central issue in US midterm elections, declined to take an immediate decision Tuesday night on whether to definitively stay in Mexico or continue north, opting to remain in the capital at least a couple more days.

Central American migrants resting in Mexico City debated which route they should take to the border and what options were available to them in Mexico and the United States ahead of a vote on what their caravan's next step should be.

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While the elections have pushed the caravan from the front pages this week, thousands of Central Americans are still intent on reaching the U.S. "This sends a message that there is a human rights crisis in the Northern Triangle of Central America".

Former Honduran lawmaker Bartolo Fuentes, who denies accusations he started the caravan, described it as a natural response "to a situation more awful than war".

In the stadium, hundreds of Mexico City employees and even more volunteers helped sort donations and direct migrants toward food, water, diapers and other basics. After the migrants entered, Mexico came under pressure to accelerate the refugee and asylum process for Central Americans.

Mexico City authorities say that of the 4,841 registered migrants receiving shelter in a sports complex, 1,726 are under the age of 18, including 310 children under five.

Upon arrival in Mexico City, some migrants visited the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a major pilgrimage site, to thank the Virgin Mary for watching over them during the journey.

"They perhaps didn't have a very clear idea of what they faced", Gascon said. On Wednesday night, a bus left from Mexico City to return 40 and 50 people to their countries of origin.

Meanwhile, other migrants were focusing on the daunting task of reaching the USA border and presenting asylum requests there. The U.S. elections occupied only a small part of their thoughts.

Melvin Figueroa, a 32-year-old from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, was with his pregnant wife and two children, 6 and 8. "Did he do well or poorly?"

Torres had run a small restaurant but closed it because gangs were demanding too much protection money. He ordered thousands of troops to the U.S. -Mexico border, threatened to detain asylum seekers in tents cities and insinuated without proof that there are criminals or even terrorists in the group.

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