AZ's McSally, Sinema Senate race runs down to wire

AZ's McSally, Sinema Senate race runs down to wire

Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema are running neck and neck.

McSally is clinging to a 49.3 percent lead. Martha McSally, a Republican, and Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, was too close to call.

The historic race will see Arizona elect its first female senator. If Sinema wins, it will reflect the first official proof of the blue shift within Arizona. Also at stake is Arizona's role in national elections. The remaining partygoers nursed their beers. In Congress, Sinema, 42, represents a district based in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe. Sinema was up by two points in early October and by three in September. Sinema had responded it would not bother her if she did so.

Her campaign said she made the remark because she was "frustrated that no one in the state legislature was standing up to out-of-state special interests working to take away health care from children, make tuition more expensive and take job security away from working families". Both Sinema and McSally had served in the U.S. House and are vying for the seat now held by Republican Jeff Flake, who is retiring.

Millions of dollars have been spent to define the candidates in the eyes of voters.

"The health care issue has been distorted and used against Republicans coast to coast", said Ingraham, noting that Sinema, McSally's former anti-war Green Party activist opponent, had been hitting her particularly hard on this topic.

McSally and Sinema have both remade themselves politically.

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Yet, Sinema's voting record is decidedly moderate.

"The balance of the Senate, as you know, is in play through these races", she added. Republicans have won every statewide race since 2006. If she loses, then 2018 is just another Senate election in Arizona - no different than the last 30 years. RealClearPolitics' polling average shows McSally leading by just 1 point, but nearly every poll has had the two candidates within the margin of error.

Democrats hope Sinema can reverse a decade-long losing streak in all Arizona statewide races.

There are still hundreds of thousands of votes to be counted in the last one percent of districts (including the very blue Tucson), with many speculating that the victor will not be named for several days.

These voters turned out on Tuesday to support Sinema, she said in an interview.

She said the recorder will not update results Wednesday because of the lengthy signature-verification process.

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