Tropical Storm Kirk speeds up as it moves west across Atlantic

Tropical Storm Kirk speeds up as it moves west across Atlantic

As of 5 a.m., Kirk was 465 miles south-southwest of the Cape Verde Islands, heading west at 18 mph. A slight decrease in forward motion is expected by mid-week.

Meanwhile, Kirk was moving at a fast 23 miles per hour westward across the Tropical Atlantic.

Forecasters say Kirk will begin moving more quickly across the ocean as of Tuesday and is expected to strengthen in the next two days.

Tropical Depression Eleven has been downgraded to Remnants of Eleven.

And finally, the hurricane center expects a non-tropical, low-pressure system that is expected to form north of Leslie by Wednesday.

As for the other storms forecasters are watching, a broad area of low pressure now located about 200 miles south of Bermuda is barely producing showers as of the 8 a.m. advisory. "The latter models suggest that Kirk could open up into a trough when it nears the Caribbean", according to a discussion of Kirk at 11 a.m.

Forecast track for Tropical Storm Kirk

The forecast says that "strong upper- level winds are expected to diminish by Sunday or Monday, which could allow for some slow development of this system while it moves westward and then northwestward over the southwestern Atlantic Ocean".

Rain chances will be 40 to 50 percent all week.

Environmental conditions are forecast to become slightly more conducive for development during the next couple of days while the system moves west-northwest.

Of these, Tropical Storm Kirk will have the best chance of sticking around long enough for impact as the storm races west across the Atlantic Ocean at a brisk 21 miles per hour and is expected to hit the accelerator around mid-week, picking up even faster westward motion by midweek, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The National Hurricane Center is also now monitoring two other areas of disturbed weather in the Atlantic. Scattered showers and storms will stay the course through the beginning part of the workweek, with this system slowly dissipating on Tuesday.

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