OnePlus plans to introduce a Smart TV in 2019

OnePlus plans to introduce a Smart TV in 2019

The OnePlus TV will be a hub for that vision, where talking to the TV will become natural (in OnePlus's vision). Just ahead of the launch, the company also unveiled a new edition of OnePlus Bullets headphones which comes with a USB Type-C port for connection. The company does say the jump to OnePlus TV was made with "intense consideration and deliberation", so it sounds like this wasn't a rash decision. "The home - perhaps the most important environment experience - is just starting to enjoy the benefits of intelligent connectivity", said Lau.

OnePlus aims to achieve that by making it smarter and better connected to smartphones, which are still our number one device in our lives.

OnePlus hasn't revealed any details around the screen size and operating system of its upcoming smart TV model. The company feels that these smart TVs still are quite traditional in terms of their functionality, connectivity and experience. That's right, OnePlus TV is a thing that's happening. It may be launched next year. "It will take post-release software updates to fully realize its vision, though, says the company", the report notes. Along with these AI services being integrated into the TV itself, the OnePlus TV will also have a camera.

The company has promised to take the same approach with developing its first TV as it has done with developing its phones. Instead, he described the vision for the product. The new OnePlus Smart TV is expected to make its debut in 2019.

OnePlus does a really good job at creating smartphones and while there isn't another product that is synonymous with the brand, a television from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer might be a reality soon.

This will be no ordinary TV, it will be one that offers a "seamless experience" and features AI. Since OnePlus doesn't make LCD panels, it will purchase the panels from a third party.

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OnePlus seems to acknowledge that it would be hard building this sort of ecosystem from scratch on its own, so it's partnering with a "mainstream" provider for the software side of things, though it hasn't revealed who that will be. Lau thinks today's smart TV crop isn't as smart as it thinks it is, and he envisions a more seamless connection between the TV, smartphone and AI smart assistants.

The company has also revealed that the OnePlus TV will feature an AI assistant.

Business Insider reports that, "Lau wants to bring the best of all worlds".

It seems the technology firm now wants to produce larger screen devices in the form of smart TVs.

The OnePlus TV is in early stages of its development for now.

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