Ig Nobel winners include rollercoaster kidney stone removal and cannibalism

Ig Nobel winners include rollercoaster kidney stone removal and cannibalism

The 28 First Annual Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded in the Harvard's Sanders Theater (USA), at night on September 14 (Kyiv time). This turned into once to analyse the drinking practices of early humans, rather than to repeat repeat-day dietary choices.Economics: For economics, the victor turned into once study investigating whether or no longer it is some distance advantageous for workers to exercise voodoo dolls to retaliate in opposition to bullying bosses.

The Ig Nobel awards were set up to not only make people laugh but also to make them think, as some of the weirder sides of science were revealed. For that, they were awarded the Chemistry Prize.

The Romanian, who is a researcher at a renowned Swedish university, was a victor in the anthropology category, local Agerpres reported. They studied the diet of people who lived in the Paleolithic period and calculated that the caloric intake from a human-cannibalism diet is significantly lower than the caloric intake from most other traditional meat diets. He went on to disprove Hannibal Lecter's claims as to the benefit of cannibalism, saying it wasn't worth all the trouble, seeing as there are so many alternatives available.

David Wartinger and Marc Mitchell won the medicine Ig Nobel prize for proving that riding on a roller coaster can quicken the passage of kidney stones. Then there's Japanese gastroenterologist Akira Horiuchi, who received the Medical Education prize for giving himself a colonoscopy while in the sitting position.

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The Ig Nobel prize for economics went to Canadian Lindie Liang, a business professor at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Still, she doesn't endorse littering workplaces around the world with voodoo dolls for people angry at their bosses. She said they would feel better as their perceptions of injustice are deactivated. Aditya Nair at the Australian Broadcasting Network reports the study found, unsurprisingly, that most people never read the manual for complex products and thus never use the advanced features on gadgets. It's pretty easy to figure out what "RTFM" stands for.

SCIENTISTS who suggested roller coasters could be used to remove kidney stones are among those to be recognised with a coveted Ig Nobel prize. The researchers said that the experiment they made with their own brands, so as to use official mail U.S. "needed the permission of the Secret service". For Biology, the winning research demonstrated how wine experts can detect a single fly in a glass of wine using merely the sense of smell, while the research on the effectiveness of using human saliva for cleaning won the Chemistry category. Another award was given for proving chimps can imitate us humans equally as well as humans can imitate chimps. Meanwhile, the Reproductive Medicine award went to an worldwide team that studied impotence by using a ring of stamps to determine if men get erections at night. Of course, in Spain [VIDEO], the cursing is accompanied by loud blasts on the hooter, which the researcher didn't mention. The time limit is strictly enforced by an eight-year-girl who says "please stop I'm bored" several times until the speaker finishes.

The winners, who as usual journeyed to MA at their own expense, also received a cash prize of $10 trillion virtually worthless Zimbabwean dollars. Enjoy watching the very entertaining Ig Nobel awards ceremony in the video below.

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