Georgia college to end relationship with Nike over Kaepernick ad

Georgia college to end relationship with Nike over Kaepernick ad

The move drew both intense praise and disgust from critics and supporters of Kaepernick, who took a knee during the playing of the national anthem before an NFL game nearly two years ago in protest of police brutality in America.

Michael said: 'I know why he knelt was not any disrespect to the military or anyone in the armed services because I have an appreciation for that'. Today the former NFL player revealed he too would kneel with the current players if he were now in the league. "And when my father can look at me and tell me that he's not offended and that he understands, then how could I - who didn't do that service - be offended?"

"If I was still playing football today, I would be old as dirt, first of all", he said laughing.

"It's nearly as if they're ashamed of America and I personally think it's one of the dumbest marketing decisions I've seen come down the pipe lately", he stated.

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"I would have been more proactive in getting it more organized", he said. "I would have had a conversation with my father, and based on that conversation, and conversations, I've had with him, I'm pretty sure I would have".

He concluded on Ellen: 'Football there seems to be a fracture between player and ownership and they need to get that together in order to get the message out there in the right way and not let the message become hijacked and turn it into something it never meant to be'.

But early figures from research companyEdison Trends suggests Nike's bold ad campaign could prove a financial success (and not just because those people had already paid for their scorched trainers).

"If we have a contract, we'll honor it", he continued, "but we strongly support law enforcement and strongly support our military and veterans who died to protect our freedoms and if the company really believes what Colin Kaepernick believes, it's going to be hard for us to keep doing business with them".

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