Andrew Bridgen: The public find Boris Johnson 'refreshing'

Andrew Bridgen: The public find Boris Johnson 'refreshing'

The first reactions from the government over the article came from two Foreign Office ministers who served under Johnson as foreign secretary.

Earlier, he was criticised for accusing May of wrapping "a suicide vest around" Britain and handing the detonator to the European Union with her plans for Brexit - the biggest shift in British foreign and trade policy for nearly half a century.

A "stop Boris Johnson" backlash was underway last night as senior Conservatives lined up to condemn him for accusing Theresa May of wrapping a "suicide vest" around Britain in the Brexit talks.

"The carnage was disgusting, limbs and flesh hanging from trees and bushes", Tugendhat described in an impassioned tweet.

The Sunday Express reports an ex-KGB officer who claims Russian Federation told him to kill dissidents in a similar way as was seen in the attack on the Skripals in Salisbury.

He said comparing such an attack to the PM's plans "isn't funny", adding: "Some need to grow up". "Comparing the PM to that isn't amusing'".

A Foreign Office minister and former colleague even vowed to end his political career because of the remark.

Downing Street has said it did not want to give Boris Johnson's controversial anti-Chequers weekend column any more publicity and insisted that there would be no backing away from the Brexit negotiating plan, despite a warning it could split the Tory party. "I am not so sure". "I think the choice of language in politics is extremely important".

Mr Johnson, a strong supporter of Brexit, quit Ms May's government in July after rejecting her proposal for close economic ties with the bloc after the United Kingdom leaves next year.

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We have opened ourselves to perpetual political blackmail.

Mr Johnson used his regular Daily Telegraph column to set out an alternative economic plan, with the hope that tax cuts will provide a boost to the public finances.

We are reaching the point now where it is extremely hard to see how we can rescue the Conservative Party from a catastrophic split if the Chequers proposals are carried forward, he said.

Some Tories did defend Johnson.

The Sun on Sunday and Sunday Mirror contain more allegations about Mr Johnson's life outside Parliament.

Mr Javid said he did not expect a no-deal outcome, adding: "I'm glad the police and other experts are looking into this and thinking what might happen in a no-deal scenario".

"I think that's reflected in the way we're being pushed around in the negotiations; we are the sixth biggest economy in the world, we are third or fourth biggest defence budget in the world, we are a world player, we've got the biggest soft power projection with the English language and our broadcast media in the world, and I think we've handled these negotiations particularly badly".

Sunday's newspapers were filled with lurid details about Johnson's alleged infidelity in the past.

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