Trump volunteer blocks photographer’s attempt to capture a protester at rally

Trump volunteer blocks photographer’s attempt to capture a protester at rally

President Donald Trump attacked his own Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation leadership and implied Hillary Clinton could face criminal charges during a campaign rally Thursday night in Indiana.

Trump, who has repeatedly criticized the department over its handling of a probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign, suggested its leadership was biased against Republicans and that "people are angry".

The president also said the DOJ and Federal Bureau of Investigation need to start doing their job.

During his rally in IN on Thursday, Trump railed against the news media, lambasting NBC and CNN, as well as a New York Times reporter over coverage of his past crowd size, saying the reporter "doesn't have a clue". This week, Trump accused Google and other U.S. tech companies of rigging search results about him.

"We will not let large corporations silence conservative voices", the president said. Joe Donnelly in what is viewed as one of the nation's most competitive Senate races.

Donald Trump blasts Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department for 'not doing their job'
President Trump declined to answer whether he would allow Sessions to remain in the position following the midterms. It would look like he was trying to obstruct justice.

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"There's a thing called free speech rights", Mr. Trump said at the rally.

"ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE: Trump staffer physically blocks you from seeing what is really going on".

Trump has had a fraught relationship with the media since the campaign trail.

Trump: "We as a country can not tolerate political censorship!" Trump paused his remarks as the protester was escorted out of the at-capacity arena. Democrats are increasingly bullish about their chances to capture the 23 seats they need to retake the House of Representatives.

Trump is aiming to spend more than 40 days on the campaign trail between the beginning of August and the November 6 midterms.

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