OH special election: Republican Troy Balderson wins tight race for House seat

OH special election: Republican Troy Balderson wins tight race for House seat

Ohio's Secretary of State officially certified this month's apparent victory of Trump-backed GOP candidate Troy Balderson over his Democratic challenger Danny O'Connor Friday, reports Fox News.

Troy Balderson was certified the victor of Ohio's 12th Congressional District on Friday, denying Democrats the major upset they had sought ahead of the November midterm elections.

The results fall below the 520 votes that would trigger an automatic recount throughout the state.

But Balderson and O'Connor will face each other again in November for a full term. But the narrow margin of victory is a warning for the party as it struggles to retain control of the House in the November midterm elections.

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President Donald Trump has arrived in OH to tour a hospital and address state Republicans.

Kasich, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination against Trump in 2016, represented the district before Tiberi.

But O'Connor was a long shot in a district that has been held by Republicans for almost 35 years and his close miss follows a number of strong Democratic performances in Republican heartlands.

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