London firefighters called to rescue 'foul mouth' parrot

London firefighters called to rescue 'foul mouth' parrot

The first sign Jessie the parrot had a mind of her own came last week when she escaped her London home - on the appropriately named Cuckoo Hall Lane - and flew onto a neighbor's roof.

A parrot stuck on a roof for three days gave short shrift to firefighters sent to its aid.

Jessie replied "I love you", but then began swearing, the Fire Brigade says.

While the rescue was not exactly successful, as Jessie chose to fly away from the spot to another roof and then on a tree.

A firefighter climbed to the roof, looked Jessie in the eye and told the bird "I love you", as documented in a photo of the incident.

The firefighter was shocked by her response. They're out there risking their lives to keep people alive, keep people safe, and they'll even tip out to rescue an animal if it gets in danger too - that's one of the benefits of having huge ladders lying around.

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Firefighters feared the bird might be injured because she'd been in the same spot so long. However the affectionate words fell on deaf ears as Jessie told her rescuer to "f**k off".

"Jessie had been on the same roof for three days and there were concerns that she may be injured which is why she hadn't come down", Chris Swallow, fire brigade watch manager, said to the Telegraph.

The Fire Brigade also tried convincing Jessie to come to safety in Greek and Turkish, since her owners speak both, but the bird ignored them.

A spokesperson said Jessie's owner did the correct thing by not ing it until had already ed the RSPCA and had exhausted all other options.

The amusing exchange between Jessie and the firefighter was shared on Twitter by the London Fire Brigade's official account.

Swallow said that in instances like this pet owners should always contact the RSPCA before the emergency services.

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