Shark returned to San Antonio aquarium after video shows brazen theft

Shark returned to San Antonio aquarium after video shows brazen theft

The would-be thieves were caught on video Saturday stealing a horn shark from a tank in the San Antonio Aquarium in the stroller.

Police impounded the truck that was used as the getaway vehicle on Monday at 5.30pm, KENS5 reported.

Three people pulled off a weird heist involving a stolen shark from the San Antonio Aquarium, police say.

They then ducked into a filter room and emptied out a bleach bucket, into which they deposited the shark, the aquarium said. Then they put the bucket in a baby stroller and rolled it away from the scene of the crime on Saturday afternoon, according to Salvaggio. Salvaggio said the horn shark was returned to the aquarium in "very good condition". Once inside, they placed other animals in danger when they emptied a bucket full of bleach solution used to clean equipment into a display's filtration system. One, who is age 38, cold face a felony charge.

An employee witnessed these freakish antics and immediately told aquarium managers.

Stellman told The Washington Post that she found the man in the parking lot about to get into a truck.

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In addition to the man who is in custody, authorities are still looking for a second man and a woman in connection with the theft.

Three people are seen in surveillance video from the San Antonio Aquarium.

The aquarium's assistant husbandry director, Jamie Shank, accompanied police on the trip to the suspect's house, where she removed the horn shark from a large tank to identify and inspect it.

"We are offering a reward for any tips that lead to the recovery of this animal", the aquarium said, without specifying what the reward would be.

The San Antonio Police Department told FOX7 on Monday one suspect was apprehended and officers are working on a warrant to retrieve the pilfered shark.

A further post on Monday announced: "She's back home where she belongs!"

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