Blood moon: Longest lunar eclipse of the century is coming this week

Blood moon: Longest lunar eclipse of the century is coming this week

The UK will have one of the best views of the eclipse in the world at dusk on Friday, as the moon turns blood red for hours. From start to finish, the entire celestial event will last almost four hours. Earthlings will be treated to a magical, red blood moon, the longest we've experience in over a century. It happens when the sun, the Earth and the moon are perfectly aligned with our planet in the middle, thus blocking sunlight from reaching the moon.

When the full moon moves into Earth's shadow, it will darken, but it won't disappear.

The part of Canada with the best vantage point of the total lunar eclipse will be from Newfoundland, just as the Moon rises at night.

This time around, the eclipse will occur when the moon is furthest from the earth, making it a micro-moon and thus a blood micro moon eclipse. According to, since Mars is opposite the sun in the sky, it will look like a full, red moon.

What exactly is a blood moon?

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon and the sun are on exact opposite sides of Earth. "It will appear as a bright reddish star, and even if the opposition brightness won't be quite as good for the next few years, it won't make much difference at all to any naked-eye observations." 4.

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"The moon's pretty easy to see".

A total eclipse will start at 1:00 am (July 28).

Unfortunately for those in the north of the country storms are predicted while the east and most of the south and south-east is looking clear.

When will the blood moon occur in Australia? .

All of South Africa will see a total eclipse of the moon on Friday evening, 27 July, starting at 20h24, according to the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA). Tune in from see the full eclipse. The lunar eclipse will be visible in India. If you'll have a peek at the map of the world as provided this week by NASA, you'll find the extreme unluckiness with which the United States and Mexico and Canada have been cursed for this particular event. The LRO was launched in June 2009 to provide detailed maps to identify "safe and interesting" landing sites on the moon for future human and robotic exploration. Putting to rest all apprehensions about the risks associated with viewing the eclipse with a naked eye, Duari said, "No special filters are required to protect our eyes like those used for watching solar eclipses".

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