YouTube invests $25 million on improving news

YouTube invests $25 million on improving news

In an official blog post, YouTube outlined a few new features coming to its website and app that it hopes will give users more context about big and breaking new stories.

Beginning in the coming weeks, when YouTube users in the USA search for videos on breaking news, they will see short excerpts of the news as well as the links to different media.

In the USA, the service will be trialing a short preview of verified news articles in the initial hours of news stories breaking, so that you can quickly learn the context behind the event and click through for more detailed information.

On Monday, Google's YouTube announced that it is committing $25 million to help support legitimate news organizations, and also detailed new features meant to flag misinformation and highlight authoritative news sources.

According to him, it will also fund about 20 global markets to support news outlets in building video capabilities and train video productionEncyclopedia staff.

These cards will display information from third-parties, including Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica, about certain historical and scientific topics that have been subject to misinformation and conspiracy theories-think events like the Moon landing or the Oklahoma City bombing.

The goal is to counter the fake videos that can proliferate immediately after shootings, natural disasters and other major happenings. The money will also be used on expanding the YouTube team that works with news publishers. After a breaking news event, it takes time to verify, produce and publish high-quality videos.

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So YouTube aims to short-circuit the misinformation loop with text stories that can quickly provide more accurate information. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki previously announced plans to roll out the feature.

"We believe quality journalism requires sustainable revenue streams and that we have a responsibility to support innovation in products and funding for news", the company's chief product officer and chief business officer, Neal Mohan and Robert Kyncl respectively, said in a statement.

Not long after that, YouTube will turn its attention at directing users towards video reports - again from "quality news sources".

This will include short previews of news articles in YouTube search results on key breaking stories.

"Authoritativeness is essential to viewers, especially during fast-moving, breaking news events, so we've been investing in new product features to prominently surface authoritative sources", the statement said.

Google said in March that it planned to tweak the company's mighty search algorithms to help filter out fake news.

'Facebook was reluctant to go down that path two and half years ago and then they did, ' he said.

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