Starbucks plans to stop offering plastic straws by 2020

Starbucks plans to stop offering plastic straws by 2020

By the fall, all cold coffee beverages in Seattle and Vancouver will be served with the same strawless lid now offered for the cold brew drinks.

Starbucks, which doles out more than 1 billion straws a year, says it will phase out single-use plastic straws from its stores by 2020. "Metal straws can be unsafe for people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson's whereas reusable plastic straws present hygiene concerns to people with specific health conditions".

Plastic straws contribute to ocean pollution and pose a danger to marine life. Straws, though, will still be available - made from paper or compostable plastic.

WATCH: Plastic straw ban? The Seattle-based carrier, which said it handed out 22 million stir straws and citrus picks past year, also said it would have non-plastic, marine-friendly drinking straws for travelers that request them.

Starbucks Starbucks announced on Monday that it will eliminate plastic straws from its products by 2020.

In the United States, local governments are already putting similar restrictions into place.

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The announcement comes a week after Seattle, where the coffee house is headquartered, became one of the first high-profile cities in the ban straws.

A number of restaurants and private establishments also have taken measures to curb their use of plastic straws.

Other cities, like Fort Meyers, have banned plastic straws as well.

"For our partners and customers, this is a significant milestone to achieve our global aspiration of sustainable coffee, served to our customers in more sustainable ways", said Kevin Johnson, president and chief executive officer for Starbucks. Straws add up to about 2,000 tons of the almost 9 million tons of plastic waste that ends up in waters around the globe each year.

The effort to reduce waste is part of a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund's Cascading Materials Vision program, the statement said.

"With eight million metric tons of plastic entering the ocean every year, we can not afford to let industry sit on the sidelines", he said in a statement.

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