by | January 06, 2019 | 16:28

Police made the discoveries at about 6 p.m. local time after someone called police asking that they check on the well-being of the people at an apartment complex in Texas City, about 50 miles (80 km) southeast of Houston, officials said in a statement.

by | January 06, 2019 | 17:30

At approximately 11:54 p.m., officers from the Torrance Police Department responded to the Gable House Bowl "regarding shots fired at the location", according to a Torrance Police Department statement obtained by PEOPLE. " Reports of shots fired with multiple victims down ". As the person filming the video walks around the bowling alley, multiple people can be heard shouting.

by | January 06, 2019 | 15:59

The Republicans had passed an initial funding bill including $5bn (£4bn) for the wall, when they still had a majority in the House, but they could not get the necessary 60 votes in the 100-seat Senate. Vice President Pence said he, White House adviser Jared Kushner and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen would meet with congressional staffers over the weekend.

by | January 06, 2019 | 16:31

The cyber breach affects more than 500 politicians from all major parties, with the exception of the far-right AfD. The BSI said in a statement that it had been contacted by a lawmaker in early December about suspicious activity on their private email and social media accounts.

by | January 06, 2019 | 16:25

The SDF, a coalition dominated by Kurdish fighters, has spearheaded the fight against ISIL, supported by several Western countries, including the United Kingdom. The attack comes after Donald Trump tweeted on 19 December that "we have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency".

by | January 06, 2019 | 14:44

Last month, UK Prime Minister Theresa May postponed a parliamentary vote on her deal until mid-January in the hope of securing additional guarantees on the Irish border backstop from Brussels. DUP East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson said there was nothing to suggest the 1,000 officers available to the PSNI under the mutual aid scheme will be required following the United Kingdom leaving the EU.

by | January 06, 2019 | 14:53

Word of the meeting next Monday and Tuesday follows small signs of progress, and the absence of new threats from Mr Trump, while the two sides work to ease trade tension by 1 March. "That puts a lot of pressure on China to make a deal", he said. Businesses, amid uncertainty, have held back on the sort of investment that could boost long-term growth, while governments globally struggle with a combination of high debt levels and mounting infrastructure needs.

by | January 06, 2019 | 12:48

The decision was pronounced by a special PMLA court in Mumbai , which ruled in favour of an application moved by the Enforcement Directorate . He is wanted in India for defaulting on Rs 9,000 crore in loans to his failed Kingfisher Airlines.

by | January 06, 2019 | 12:53

Democrats who support impeachment have argued that Mr Trump obstructed justice by firing former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, and that hush payments to at least two women made by his personal attorney during the presidential race violated campaign finance laws.

by | January 06, 2019 | 13:18

The Istanbul-based Orthodox patriarch on Saturday signed the formal decree confirming the creation of an independent Ukrainian church, marking a break with the Russian church that has angered Moscow. The decree, or "tomos", will now be handed over to the head of the new Ukrainian church, Metropolitan Epifaniy , on January 6, completing the two-day spiritual ceremony .

by | January 06, 2019 | 13:32

Former Housing Secretary Julian Castro is expected to formally announce a bid soon, and other candidates ― including everyone from former Vice President Joe Biden to California Sen. In her opening foray, Warren has seemed content to continue on that path, advocating for Medicaid not just as a program for the poor but also as one that benefits seniors and Americans suffering from mental illness, while assailing the "shameful" behavior of insurance companies.

by | January 06, 2019 | 12:15

In his comments, Trump argued that Russian Federation and other regional nations should take a more active role in resolving the ongoing Afghanistan conflict between the Taliban and the country's government. The government offered no official reaction to Trump , but late in the night it published an e-book on the ministry of external affairs website titled: "India-Afghanistan: A historic and time-tested relationship".

by | January 06, 2019 | 13:09

British Prime Minister Theresa May's bid to push her Brexit plans through Parliament was dealt another blow on Friday when a survey showed that most of her own party's members oppose the deal and would prefer to leave the European Union (EU) without a deal.

by | January 06, 2019 | 11:44

The gift is not only to lighten the heavy load little Jazmine's parents are carrying but also something for Jazmine herself, as so many try to do something for the lovely princess who they say was taken unnecessarily and so unfairly. Barnes was riding in a auto with her mother and three sisters Sunday morning around 7 a.m. when a man in a red or maroon pickup truck drove up next to their vehicle and opened fire.

by | January 05, 2019 | 07:42

The heartbreaking final words a little boy shared with his father moments before he died from inhaling fumes from cooking fish have been revealed. Steven Jean-Pierre told The Associated Press that he used a nebulizer to administer medication to Cameron, but the breathing treatment was not effective as it had been in the past.

by | January 05, 2019 | 06:45

Earlier, a spokesperson for the left-wing Left (Linke) Party's parliamentary group confirmed that the organisation had been affected by the leak. The weekly news magazine Spiegel said it had evaluated a sample of the data and found that all of the main German political parties apart from the far-right Alternative for Germany ( AfD ) party had been affected.

by | January 05, 2019 | 06:50

The woman stunned workers when she went into labor, claiming they didn't even know she was pregnant. "And they didn't know what was wrong with her", the source said, according to the station. The Arizona Department of Health says it is actively working with local law enforcement in its criminal investigation. 'As a Healthcare provider, we can not comment on any patient due to Federal and State privacy laws.

by | January 05, 2019 | 07:45

The executive order also moves the Brazilian Forestry Service, which promotes the sustainable use of forests and is linked to the Environment Ministry, under Agriculture Ministry control. Earlier in the day, the new energy minister, Bento Albuquerque, said Brazil would deliver on plans to capitalize Eletrobras, prompting shares in the state-run company to jump as much as 9.7 percent.

by | January 05, 2019 | 06:44

Three people are also now missing after part of the block collapsed in the suspected gas blast, according to TASS . The high-rise was built in 1973 and was home to around 1,100 people. Residents were evacuated to a nearby school. January 2 has been declared as a day of mourning in the region. Mourners laid flowers and lit candles near the site of the building.

by | January 05, 2019 | 05:03

A 25-year-old man has been hospitalized with burns and could not be immediately questioned by investigators who are probing the cause of the fire, she said. Police and fire officials said they did not yet know what started the blaze in the escape room , which was reported in the early evening. Five teenage girls were killed in a fire that engulfed a room where they were playing an " Escape Room " game in the northern Polish city of Koszalin, officials said.

by | January 05, 2019 | 02:30

Russian news agency Rosbalt, citing Moscow security circles, has claimed Whelan received a classified list of names from a Russian citizen, though those claims have yet to be independently verified. "We would never put a USA citizen, without diplomatic immunity, in harm's way this way, especially looking after low-level things like this". The details of Whelan's convictions in the Marine Corps come as Moscow copes with the diplomatic fallout of detaining a man who appears to be a citizen of ...

by | January 05, 2019 | 02:23

HMS Mersey - one of the Navy's four river class patrol vessels - set off from Portsmouth on Sunday. A National Crime Agency spokeswoman said a 33-year-old Iranian national and a 24-year-old British man were arrested in Manchester on Wednesday evening.

by | January 05, 2019 | 02:08

However, the head of CENI, Corneille Nangaa told the AFP news agency that provisional results may be delayed, saying: "We are working 'round the clock". "I call for vigilance across the board and the general mobilisation of all Congolese so that the truth of the ballot box, the sole witness to the will of the Congolese people, can reward their efforts and sacrifices", he said.

by | January 05, 2019 | 01:10

Tlaib originally mentioned that she planned on taking her oath with a copy of the Quran originally owned by Thomas Jefferson , the third US president, but her office confirmed to Anadolu Agency that she changed her mind and opted for her own personal copy.

by | January 04, 2019 | 14:02

Meteorologists said Pabuk, the first tropical storm in decades to strike during the peak holiday season, had intensifed Friday morning and was due to make landfall imminently. The Nakhon Si Thammarat airport announced it had closed, and low-priced Nok Airlines Pcl said it had canceled all eight flights to and from the province.

by | January 04, 2019 | 14:38

And her community is demanding answers. They were already looking forward to preparing Sunday dinner. A manhunt has been going ever since as authorities continue to scower the area for a white man with a beard who appears to be in his 40s. She said Jazmine was her "love child", who would hug and kiss everyone, even strangers. The police have no leads who is behind the killing, but say it was absolutely unprovoked.

by | January 04, 2019 | 13:32

Speaking Thursday, Pinarayi Vijayan, chief minister of Kerala, blamed the BJP for politicizing the issue and turning the state into a battleground. Most bus services were halted and taxis were refusing to take passengers as some drivers said they feared they would be attacked. "There were men, too, who stood up in support and solidarity, affirming their commitment to gender equality".

by | January 04, 2019 | 14:57

According to Warren, this ancestor was in her family during some time in the 1800s. The senator said continuing to keep troops "forever and ever and ever in that part of the is not working, and pretending that somehow in the future it is going to work by some unmeasured version of it, it's a form of fantasy that we simply can't afford to continue to engage in".

by | January 04, 2019 | 14:31

Mr Davis told LBC radio: "They will have to come back and deal again". Britain's worldwide trade secretary Liam Fox has said there's a 50/50 chance Brexit will not happen - if the United Kingdom parliament votes down Theresa's Mays withdrawal agreement.

by | January 04, 2019 | 13:10

Spavor and Kovrig - a businessman and an ex-diplomat, respectively - were detained by Chinese authorities on suspicion of endangering national security last month. Canada has not issued a new travel advisory. Among these is McIvor, who was teaching English in China. Meanwhile, China's top prosecutor said at a briefing in Beijing on Thursday that Mr.

by | January 04, 2019 | 11:14

Calling all "Binge Gamers", "Snowflakes" and "Selfie Addicts" - lay down your controllers, stop being outraged over everything and put that photo upload on hold - instead, why not join the British Army? The campaign aims to appeal to Generation Z youngsters, or those born between 1995 and 2015, a key age for recruitment to the armed forces.

by | January 04, 2019 | 11:27

Italian news service Ansa said today that Italy had not received an asylum request from Jo. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with standard practice, also noted that Jo no longer held diplomatic status in Italy, presumably since his diplomatic assignment had ended.

by | January 04, 2019 | 09:54

The 59-year-old entered the consulate on October 2 as his fiancee waited outside, but a team of Saudi officials had flown in before his arrival and laid in wait for him. Turkish authorities have previously said they passed on investigatory evidence to Saudi Arabia. Turkish officials also sought to have the Saudi suspects extradited to Turkey to stand trial there, but Saudi Arabia repeatedly turned down the requests.

by | January 04, 2019 | 09:58

Days later, the Russian Federal Security Service said he was caught "during an espionage operation". The security service has not given details of the case. US prosecutors accused Butina of trying to infiltrate the Republican Party through American conservative organizations, acting on behalf of a well-connected Russian banking official.

by | January 04, 2019 | 10:32

Iran's foreign minister has responded to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's warning that Iran would face severe economic and diplomatic consequences if it went ahead with plans to engage in further ballistic missile testing. Iran's foreign minister rejected a warning from the United States against carrying out space vehicle launches, saying Tehran is not violating a United Nations resolution.