by | October 08, 2018 | 02:21

The respondents had an option of choosing between Dankwambo, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar , Senate President Bukola Saraki or Sen. Former Senate President and one of the Presidential aspirants, Senator David Mark has held a close door meeting with former President, Olusegun Obasanjo at his Presidential library complex in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

by | October 08, 2018 | 01:31

Mark Zuckerberg told employees during a Q-and-A last week that he would not have made the decision but Kaplan did not violate company policy. Zuckerberg, Sandberg and Kaplan are expected to attend and answer questions. (As Vice puts it, they'll face "hundreds of irate employees.") Facebook had this to say in a statement to CNBC : "Our leadership team recognizes that they've made mistakes handling the events of the last week and we're grateful for all the feedback from our employees".

by | October 08, 2018 | 02:24

The USGS said that quake was centered 12 miles northwest of Port-de-Paix with a depth of 7.3 miles below the Earth's surface. Secretary of State for Communications Eddy Jackson Alexis said a preliminary report indicated that 11 people had died.

by | October 08, 2018 | 02:19

Two other women accused him in the media of sexual misconduct in the 1980s. The climactic 50-48 roll call capped a fight that seized the national conversation after claims emerged that he had sexually assaulted women three decades ago - allegations he emphatically denied.

by | October 08, 2018 | 01:07

The global policing agency, in a release, said only that its general secretariat received Meng's resignation on Sunday, effective immediately. It did not say why. The Lyon-based worldwide police agency said Saturday it has used law enforcement channels to inquire with China about Meng's status. She says she has had no further contact with him since the message that was sent on September 25.

by | October 08, 2018 | 02:36

Ford's testimony during a speech at a MS rally on October 2. The hashtag BeersforBrett quickly gained momentum on Twitter . President Trump, who was on a November 6 mid-term election campaign trail in Kansas, called Kavanaugh to congratulate him on his confirmation and swearing in.

by | October 08, 2018 | 01:13

In Ghana, Mrs Trump visited the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, where she donated hampers and teddy bears to the sick children and also donated a phototherapy machine used for treating complications of jaundice in newborn babies, to the hospital.

by | October 08, 2018 | 01:28

The incident took place around 5 p.m. EDT in 1600 block of Webster Avenue. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Images of the scene show five bullet holes through the passenger side window. He was due back in court on October 9 in connection to the case. His 41-year-old son Salvatore was injured in an attempted hit outside his Bronx home on July 11, which was captured on CCTV.

by | October 08, 2018 | 00:45

Kavanaugh's confirmation was thrown into doubt after a tense Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in which Christine Blasey Ford alleged the Supreme Court nominee had sexually assaulted her when they were in high school in the 1980s. New state restrictions on abortion could make their way to the Supreme Court soon, along with challenges to the Affordable Care Act and protection from deportation for young immigrants.

by | October 08, 2018 | 00:52

It was her first major solo trip overseas and a rare example of a time when she has answered questions by reporters on a variety of topics. When asked if she has ever told him to put his phone down, she answered, "Yes!" "I don't always agree what he tweets and I tell him that".

by | October 08, 2018 | 00:31

After two years of increasingly acrimonious politics following a 2016 52-48 percent Brexit vote, London now appears to be on the brink of a deal with Brussels which would see Britain leave the EU's customs union and single market but retain close ties to facilitate trade.

by | October 07, 2018 | 08:44

Defense Secretary James Mattis and General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will take into account the diplomatic implications of each mission, officials said . Vice President Mike Pence prepared to provide details to support President Donald Trump's charge that China is meddling in the 2018 U.S. elections through a campaign of propaganda, spies, tariffs and coercive measures, according to excerpts of a speech he is scheduled to give Thursday.

by | October 07, 2018 | 08:06

The U.S. first lady said the message of her tour to Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt was to show the world that "we care". The trip, which had been in the works for months, provided a welcome escape from the ugly political battle in the US capital over Brett Kavanaugh , the president's Supreme Court nominee.

by | October 07, 2018 | 05:51

The first lady is due to leave Egypt later on Saturday. In Egypt, tight security was in place across the capital for her visit which comes as security forces face a persistent jihadist insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula across the Suez Canal to the northeast.

by | October 07, 2018 | 07:06

Pasang Kayu Regent Agus Ambodjiwa said he never saw police or military securing the road along the motorcade's route where the looting could have been avoided if local authorities explained the dire situation the victims in Donggala and Palu are now in.

by | October 07, 2018 | 06:53

In a thousand tiny pieces. As the couple emptied the container, their money tumbled out like confetti. "We were silent for about five minutes and just sorted money out and then I broke the silence and said, 'This will make a great wedding story someday, '" Jackee Belnap said.

by | October 07, 2018 | 05:46

Republicans hold a bare 51-49 majority in the Senate. She voted "present", balancing out Daines' absence. A townhouse near the Washington residence of Republican Senator Susan Collins , whose backing for Kavanaugh helped get him over the line on Saturday, flew the flag of her home state ME upside down in protest.

by | October 07, 2018 | 05:37

VOTE, ' Trump declared. He claimed, without evidence, that the signs protesters carried opposing Kavanaugh's confirmation were "professionally made" and paid for by Democratic donor George Soros . After Archila and Gallagher confronted Flake, the Arizona senator altered his decision, saying he would move the nomination from committee to the full senate so long as the FBI reopened its investigation into the alleged assault.

by | October 07, 2018 | 04:55

In the op-ed, Roche describes his interactions with New Yorker reporter Ronan Farrow, who co-bylined (with Jane Mayer) the piece in which Ramierez first detailed her allegations to the public. "I don't know why they're not bothered by the fact that he is capable of standing up under oath and saying things that all of us knew weren't true". I am willing to speak with them about my experiences at Yale with both Debbie and Brett.

by | October 07, 2018 | 05:46

He said, "it took me two minutes and now the National Football League is so happy". Speaking in Franken's home state, Trump opined: "That guy was, he was wacky". Highlighting the high-stakes judicial fight now under way, Lewis stressed judges when he spoke, saying, "Minnesota loves your judicial appointments".

by | October 07, 2018 | 04:32

According to Kurennoy, Karapetyan dealt with the case of the poisoning of the former GRU employee Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in UK Salisbury. Swiss authorities discovered that the officer - who was identified only as Victor K. - had met Karapetyan in Geneva and Zurich. Veselnitskaya has been one of the top Russian advocates lobbying to overturn the Magnitsky laws.

by | October 07, 2018 | 04:00

According to our sources, authorities are reportedly examining shell casings and other evidence from the sprawling crime scene in an effort to determine whether more than one individual fired a weapon at police during the shootout. In all, four city police officers and three Florence County deputies were shot. " They got out of their auto", Lott said, "and they were shot without warning".

by | October 07, 2018 | 03:24

Exactly one month from elections in which House and Senate control are in play, Democrats tried making sure that female voters were paying attention. Moments after Ms Collins pledged to back Mr Kavanaugh, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin , in a tough race for re-election in West Virginia where Mr Trump is popular, also declared his support, leaving little doubt of a Republican victory.

by | October 07, 2018 | 04:02

Collins publicly spoke out Friday afternoon in support of President Trump's pending high court pick. Flake was largely responsible for last Friday's drama before the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve Kavanaugh's nomination. Blasey Ford . But Collins, a moderate, pro-choice lawmaker from ME, said Kavanaugh was entitled to the "presumption of innocence" as the allegations against him lacked corroborating evidence.

by | October 07, 2018 | 02:26

The Congolese gynecological surgeon who has won the Nobel Peace Prize for treating victims of sexual violence has previously called gender inequality a disgrace to society. Nadia Murad escaped Islamic State abuse and has battled those crimes since. "But the further goal of this is that nations take responsibility, that communities take responsibility and that the worldwide community take responsibility", said Berit Reiss-Andersen, chairwoman of the committee, which bestowed the ...

by | October 07, 2018 | 03:33

A senior Turkish police source told MEE that Khashoggi had been "brutally tortured, killed and cut into pieces". Saudi officials have yet to provide any evidence for that assertion. Mr Khashoggi, 59, went into the consulate on Tuesday to get documentation for his forthcoming marriage, while his fiancee waited outside. Khashoggi, an outspoken critic of the Saudi government, had been living in self-imposed exile in the United States since 2017, when Saudi authorities launched a massive ...

by | October 07, 2018 | 02:43

A columnist for the Washington Post , he has been severely critical of the current bid for reform of the Kingdom by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman . "I do not know if Jamal is inside. I have the keys to his house here", his fiancée told The Associated Press. "There is no law or lawsuit against him".

by | October 07, 2018 | 03:07

The First Lady wore a pith helmet while on Safari in Kenya. USA first lady Melania Trump went on a short safari on Friday in Kenya, the third country on her almost week-long Africa tour. But when asked about the topic, Trump said she wished to discuss her trip and not her fashion choices. The U.S. Agency for International Development has been working with the Egyptian government on lowering groundwater levels to prevent additional damage to the landmarks.

by | October 06, 2018 | 10:48

LAHORE: Shehbaz Sharif, PML-N President and Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly, who was arrested by NAB in Ashiana Housing case, will be produced before Accountability Court in Lahore today (Saturday) for obtaining his physical remand.

by | October 06, 2018 | 11:36

Van Dyke stood up from the defense table and then put his arms behind his back as two deputies led him away. But Van Dyke said McDonald was behaving erratically and had lunged at him with the knife. "And once again I want to thank, just like the defense did, I want to thank the twelve jurors for seeing the pain of the community, for seeing every single shot and making the right decision and locking Jason Van Dyke up".

by | October 06, 2018 | 11:20

Trump, himself accused by numerous women during the 2016 presidential election of sexual misconduct, tweeted his approval of the Senate vote on Friday, saying, " Very proud of the U.S. Manchin's support gave Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , R-Ky., an extra cushion in a vote that was always going to be very close . She said judges do lean left and right, but in general, the Supreme Court should be above politics.

by | October 06, 2018 | 10:47

And their allies around the world issued stark assessments of what they described as a campaign of hacking by Russia's GRU military intelligence agency. The men with a Russian embassy official at Schiphol. Dutch authorities revealed that with the help of United Kingdom intelligence they thwarted an attempted cyber attack on the headquarters of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague.

by | October 06, 2018 | 09:33

The Interpol chief's wife, who is living in France, where the global law enforcement organization is based, reported him missing on Friday, according to multiple media reports. While Meng is listed on the website of China's Ministry of Public Security as a vice-minister, he lost his seat on its Communist Party Committee - its real decision-making body - in April, the Post reported.

by | October 06, 2018 | 10:32

The evacuees had slept on the streets for days and queued to be among those evacuated by the NZDF, who offered their services following the horrific 7.5 magnitude quake on September 28. More than 1,500 people are thought to be dead, missing or injured after last week's 7.5-magnitude tremor and tsunami on the island of Sulawesi, with up to 1.5 million people affected.

by | October 06, 2018 | 09:01

I feel his performance in the hearings ultimately changed my mind. "The senators should pay attention to this", Stevens said. To the list of Senate confirmation norms and Supreme Court traditions violated by opponents of Brett Kavanaugh , you can add one more: Public lobbying by a former Supreme Court Justice.