by | December 10, 2018 | 02:27

Indonesia will introduce new requirements for simulator training for Boeing Co 737 MAX pilots. Pramesti noted, however, these Boeing 737 MAX simulators were "only available in several countries". Lion Air expects to have its own 737 MAX simulator next year, managing director Daniel Putut said last week. The aircraft flight maintenance log for this flight JT 43 reported some malfunctions like its indicated airspeed (IAS) and altitude indicators had "disagree shown after take off".

by | December 09, 2018 | 09:36

Nationwide, hiring in November was led by health care firms, which added 40,100 jobs, and manufacturing companies, which hired 27,000 new workers, the most in seven months and a sign that trade tensions have yet to weaken factory hiring. Online spending likely boosted shipping and warehousing jobs, which grew 25,400, the largest in 14 months. The most recent data shows an economy in solid shape.

by | December 09, 2018 | 09:19

A further 30 workers were treated at the scene in the Robbinsville township, with many reporting difficulty breathing and burning in their throats and eyes. The accident in New Jersey is just the latest in a long line of incidents that have raised concerns over working conditions in Amazon warehouses.

by | December 09, 2018 | 07:02

With its first all-electric conversion now complete, Aston Martin Works will begin customer Heritage EV conversions from next year. Talk about going full circle. When went on to say "Our Second Century Plan not only encompasses our new and future models, but also protects our treasured heritage". Aston Martin has chosen the historic Newport Pagnell plant for the location of the conversions.

by | December 09, 2018 | 06:02

Gary Peters, will meet with Barra on Thursday, Dec. 6. "We want him to come see the impact it's going to have on these communities", she said. Asked if any more USA facilities were at risk of closing, Barra said GM "looked at what steps we needed to take to strengthen the company ...

by | December 09, 2018 | 05:26

There were no injuries reported, FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said . Images shows the EMAS ripped up by the aircraft where it overran the runway. The scene on the plane during landing was calm, according to passengers. Southwest tweeted the airline will refund the passengers ticket costs and will make an "additional gesture of goodwill". The Southwest Airlines flight came off the runway at Burbank Airport in Hollywood, California.

by | December 09, 2018 | 06:11

In fact, one section of the yield curve has already inverted: between 3-year and 5-year notes. "This solidifies not only my flattening bias but I think it will lead many players in the market who [expected the yield curve to steepen] to capitulate on that", Ian Lyngen, head of united rates strategy at BMO Capital Markets, told CNBC.

by | December 08, 2018 | 18:45

Police are searching people throughout zones of central Paris and confiscating goggles and gas masks from journalists who use them to protect against tear gas while covering demonstrations. Saturday's march, which has gathered 2000 participants in Paris alone, wants France to reach the goal set during the 2015 Paris accords to limit global warming to "well below" a rise of 2°C and to pursue efforts for the 1.5° goal as the UN's COP24 conference is still taking place in Poland.

by | December 08, 2018 | 19:26

Asked to confirm whether Beijing promised to buy American goods immediately, Gao said China will "immediately implement the consensus reached by the two sides on farm products, cars and energy". The customs data showed that annual growth for exports to all of China's major partners slowed significantly. But growth of exports and imports slowed from October, with exports rising 5.4 per cent for November on-year, short of the 9.4 per cent forecast by Bloomberg News, and imports rising ...

by | December 08, 2018 | 12:20

News of the Fiat Chrysler's new plant leaked on the same day General Motors Co Chief Executive Mary Barra was finishing a two-day visit in Washington with lawmakers furious over the carmaker's plan to close five North American assembly plants next year and cut up to 15,000 jobs due to weak demand for sedans and small cars in the US market.

by | December 08, 2018 | 13:39

As the marijuana industry continues to grow in MA, one of the world's biggest tobacco companies is diving into the cannabis market with a $2.4 billion buy-in. "We believe an investment of this magnitude provides overall legitimacy to the industry as a whole and should represent a positive catalyst for the sector, with the news likely to drive valuations higher", said Canaccord Genuity analyst Matt Bottomley, who has a 12-month price target of $9 on Cronos's stock and a "hold" rating.

by | December 08, 2018 | 11:43

The yield curve between two-year and 10-year notes flattened to 14.5 basis points, the flattest in over a decade. No - and that's why this latest flip in yields may not augur recession. "While the current environment is somewhat special - with low interest rates and risk premiums - the power of the term spread to predict economic slowdowns appears intact".

by | December 08, 2018 | 12:11

His remarks renewed fears that the Fed may miscalculate and raise rates so high or so fast as to depress growth. Among the conflicting assertions that White House officials made was over whether China had actually agreed to drop its 40 percent tariffs on U.S.

by | December 07, 2018 | 07:12

During the 2018 fiscal year, the Postal Service recorded a net loss of $3.9 billion, which is an increase of more than $1 billion over the losses it suffered in 2017. If prices jumped 10 percent, that would increase annual costs for Amazon by at least $1 billion, he said. The task force also recommended the Postal Service pursue cost-cutting strategies to address rising labor and operating costs, and have greater flexibility in determining delivery frequency.

by | December 07, 2018 | 07:11

In College Station, students gathered Friday night at The Bush School of Government and Public Service to remember and honor the former president. "We will be spending three days of mourning and three days celebrating a really great man's life".

by | December 07, 2018 | 06:21

According to the Canadian Justice Department , she was arrested in Vancouver on December 1st, the very same day that Donald Trump and Xi Jinping set down to dinner in Argentina. "The Chinese side firmly opposes and strongly protests over such kind of actions which seriously harmed the human rights of the victim ", reads a statement released by the embassy.

by | December 07, 2018 | 04:51

The Ministry of Commerce said Thursday China will immediately start implementing agreements on agricultural products, energy and cars that were reached at the weekend summit between Chinese and US leaders over their ongoing trade dispute.

by | December 07, 2018 | 02:38

Wanzhou Meng, who is also the daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei, is facing extradition orders to the USA on suspicion of violating trade sanctions against Iran . sentiment". "You can play hardball with a small country but you can't do it with the US", he said. The Australian government banned Huawei and ZTE from supplying 5G technology to Australia for similar reasons.

by | December 06, 2018 | 05:47

My meeting in Argentina with President Xi of China was an extraordinary one. According to the USA statement, part of the deal to halt stricter tariffs was that the Chinese side would make unspecified but "very substantial" purchases of United States goods immediately.

by | December 06, 2018 | 05:19

Wall Street closed weaker yesterday. At 2 p.m, ET, The S&P 500 index slid 73 points, or 2.7 per cent, to 2,717. Tokyo's Nikkei 225 lost 0.4 percent to 21,946.94 while Sydney's S&P-ASX 200 retreated 1.2 percent to 5,641.50. A note from S&P Global Ratings predicted that United States growth would slow from 2.9 per cent in 2018 to 2.3 per cent in 2019 and 1.8 per cent in 2020, adding that the United States was nearing the "latter" stages of a multi-year growth cycle.

by | December 06, 2018 | 05:32

Sitting at number one on the list this year is Bain & Company, a management consulting company. Facebook's year of controversy appears to have taken its toll on the company's consistent top ranking in Glassdoor's Best Places to Work list.

by | December 06, 2018 | 04:36

The woman was apprehended on Saturday and is awaiting the bail hearing scheduled for Friday, Canada's Department of Justice spokesman Ian McLeod told The Globe and Mail . He declined to say more about the case, citing a publication ban requested by Ms Meng and ordered by the courts. Huawei's relationship with the US just took a turn for the worse.

by | December 06, 2018 | 04:33

Most producers made clear they agree on the need for a cut in oil production. Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States have been vying for the position of top crude producer in recent years. Trump wrote in a tweet ahead of the group's meeting this week to discuss possible cuts. "The World does not want to see, or need, higher oil prices!" Possibly complicating any OPEC decision is the crisis around the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October.

by | December 06, 2018 | 03:48

The six month-suspension announcement did nothing to quell the anger. He also said that planned increases in gas and electricity prices this winter would be halted, and that a toughening of the rules for vehicle emissions tests would also be postponed.

by | December 05, 2018 | 08:13

A Bloomberg consensus was 1.9%, with all economists polled expecting SA to see growth. South Africa emerged from its first recession in nearly a decade in the third quarter as recoveries in manufacturing and agriculture contributed to an increase in economic growth.

by | December 05, 2018 | 08:09

Executives of upstream oil companies such as Cenovus and Canadian Natural Resources , however, had urged Notley to intervene for weeks, saying they couldn't transfer the oil they were producing without sufficient pipeline space, leading to hundreds of thousands of barrels clogging up warehouses.

by | December 05, 2018 | 05:12

China responded with tariffs of its own on various USA exports. The U.S. imposes a 27.5-percent tax on imported cars and light trucks from China. U.S. The Auto Care Association also was encouraged by the news. "We make the finest and cleanest product in the World, and that is what China wants", he wrote on Twitter .

by | December 05, 2018 | 04:03

The commerce ministry is due to hold its weekly news briefing on Thursday. The White House said Xi said he was open to approving the previously unapproved Qualcomm-NXP deal should it again be presented to him. They wouldn't even acknowledge that there was a 90-day deadline under which they were operating. Washington , but not Beijing, has also said China will cut import tariffs on American cars.

by | December 04, 2018 | 07:01

He had made renegotiating NAFTA a key campaign promise. I understand the president said it's final. Trump, joined by Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau and outgoing Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement during a ceremony before the start of this year's G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

by | December 04, 2018 | 07:17

UBS has been authorised by China's securities regulator to take a controlling stake in a local business, making the Swiss giant the first foreign bank allowed to do so under new rules. Other financial firms like Wall Street titan JPMorgan Chase & Co and Japan's Nomura Holdings Ltd are still awaiting approval. Earlier this week, two European insurance giants, Allianz SE and Axa SA, received approval to expand their footprint in China.

by | December 04, 2018 | 06:38

The channel has racked up 26 billion views and 17.3 million followers since launching in March 2015 with a homemade video of Ryan playing with Lego. "I'm entertaining and I'm amusing", Ryan recently told NBC interview, explaining his appeal.

by | December 04, 2018 | 05:10

The test is said to be a potential trial run for cashierless checkout at Whole Foods, the grocery store chain Amazon acquired past year for more than $13 billion, though the actual objective remains unclear. There are nearly 500 Whole Foods in the USA, although the chain does also have a small United Kingdom presence, with seven stores, all of which are in London.

by | December 04, 2018 | 04:40

The formation reportedly travelled seven miles in seven minutes before the runaway Tesla finally came to a stop a short time after 3am local time on Friday. On its website, Tesla says that all Tesla vehicles including Model 3, "have the hardware needed for full self-driving capability at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver".

by | December 04, 2018 | 05:35

That's down from US$28.80 a barrel on Friday; it had been as high as $40 earlier in the week. The province says the price gap is costing Canada more than $80 million per day and is caused by the inability to build pipelines. So, Notley's short news conference Sunday evening was a bravura performance. Further reductions in the curtailment are expected in the fall and winter as additional rail capacity comes online.

by | December 04, 2018 | 04:21

According to this year's Sunday Times Rich List , the 62-year-old is worth £522 million ($666 million) - ranking him the 244th wealthiest person in Britain. "He would hug several people a day and it would be very uncomfortable". Ted Baker are launching a full independent investigation into the "culture of harassment".