by | March 20, 2019 | 01:26

I'd love for them to give us a day, because I don't want it to be after Inbox is gone. In the meantime, Google has been improving Gmail with Inbox's best features, like Smart Reply, Smart Compose and Follow-ups. Inbox's closure comes at the same time Google will also finally turn the lights out on Google+, the company's social network that it chose to shut down past year after disclosing a privacy-related bug.

by | March 20, 2019 | 01:55

That's pretty awesome in and of itself. That said, beginning today, fans can sign up and pre-register for Call of Duty: Mobile at www.callofduty.com/mobile . Call of Duty: Mobile promises to bring the signature multiplayer experience fans know and love to Android and iOS for the first time. Now official images tied to the title show off incredible visuals and extensive design choices to translate the popular franchise to mobile devices.

by | March 19, 2019 | 02:22

Bentley is hardly a company that subscribes to a "less is more" philosophy, but its new Continental GT V8 models sure are appealing despite packing fewer bragging rights than their W-12-powered stablemates. And while top speed is a healthy 207 miles per hour in W12, the V8 manages just 198 miles per hour. This shift happens in just 20 milliseconds and is said to be imperceptible to customers.

by | March 19, 2019 | 01:51

Apple's newly announced Smart Cover cases are available online and in-stores with polyurethane covers starting at $65 (CAD) for the 2019 iPad Air in Charcoal Grey, White, Pink Sand, and a new Papaya colour. Before now the iPad mini hadn't been updated since 2015, and with the increasing popularity of larger iPhones, many suspected the device simply didn't have a big enough market to merit future updates.

by | March 19, 2019 | 01:25

At a SXSWGaming panel , SEGA revealed some new details about the upcoming Team Sonic Racing . Check out a look at the new parts , paint , and decal options, as well as some new footage from the game. Online Multiplayer & Local Co-Op Modes 12 players per race, 4 player split screen, and various offline / online race modes including Grand Prix Mode, Exhibition Mode, Time-Trial and Team Adventure Mode.

by | March 19, 2019 | 02:02

The new iPad Air packs a 10.5in Retina screen, 20 per cent larger than the 9.7in panel on the last-gen model, which sees it replacing the now-defunct 10.5in iPad Pro. This is especially notable for the iPad mini , as the previous gen model was missing support for LTE Bands 12, 66, and 71. The new iPad mini surprisingly bears very similar specs to the iPad Air .

by | March 19, 2019 | 00:52

The Redmi 7 runs MIUI 10 based on Android 9 Pie out of the box and it even offers software-based Face Unlock feature. The Redmi 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro will be launched at around 2pm CST (11:30am IST) today, March 18 in China. The gradient finish Xiaomi Redmi 7 will be available in Red and Blue color options. Previous leaks have indicated the Redmi 7 would feature the slightly more powerful Snapdragon 632 , and there's a chance that might be accurate, as we've seen Geekbench mix ...

by | March 19, 2019 | 01:08

Apex Legends players can finally get their hands on the game's first season, entitled Wild Frontier , tomorrow. Much like the Battle Passes we see every season in Fortnite , Apex Legends' Battle Pass will cost around $10 and allows players to unlock various cosmetics as they play through the season's challenges.

by | March 18, 2019 | 10:57

The initial beta isn't really something you should install on your own. everyday Pixel phone; it can be buggy and mostly exists for the goal of familiarizing developers with the changes that Google is planning. In fact, a new APK update for the Google Play Store was released yesterday. "First of all, you need to at least try to see if the apps have real usage, if the apps have been rated and if the provider of the apps is trustworthy", Cipot said .

by | March 17, 2019 | 02:20

Currently, Windows 10 Home users can not really pause updates at all - beyond picking a time or "snoozing" them. In the latest preview build of Windows 10, however, this has been raised to 35 days ( via Reddit ). The change doesn't appear to have any official confirmation, but it is apparent when performing a fresh installation of a preview build and not putting the machine in the Insider Program.

by | March 17, 2019 | 02:06

Little is known about the Sniper Elite VR game, other than it is being developed by British studio Just Add Water. Presumably, this is going to be called Sniper Elite 5, but at the moment, details are relatively scarce. We have no information on that game besides the fact that it's VR however. There's no release date for it yet, but Rebellion has said to expect a reveal in 2020.

by | March 17, 2019 | 02:52

As outlined in a new blog post, Steam will soon be implementing a feature that checks for unusual review activity-such as sudden spikes in negative reviews-across all Steam games. Should instance of review bombing be found, the team marks the time period it encompasses, and reviews from said time period will be removed from the score calculation.

by | March 17, 2019 | 01:51

Valve didn't provide specific network requirements but said you'll need "a high upload speed from your computer and strong network connection to your Steam Link device" in order to use it. Today, Valve dropped a surprise update for the Steam Link app . Plus, we're expecting news about Apple's all-you-can-eat game subscription service on March 25.

by | March 17, 2019 | 01:22

At the moment of publishing, Taki is now being held in a police station in Koto Ward, as police try and deduce where Taki got the cocaine, and how often he uses it. It's unknown if this is a change that will be reflected in physical shipments of Kingdom Hearts III , however. In Disney's Frozen , Pierre Taki is the Japanese voice of Olaf.

by | March 17, 2019 | 00:34

Late past year, Amazon Echo smartspeakers started being able to stream Apple Music . Amazon's speakers are getting better in that regard in the near future, as the company has announced that Apple Music will be available on Echo devices later this year.

by | March 17, 2019 | 02:04

Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters players can try out the introduction to the story mode , DOA Central, some DOA Quests, Versus, Time Attack, Arcade, and Training modes. You can find the PS4 version on the PlayStation Store , the Xbox One version on Microsoft's storefront , and the PC version on Steam . On top of that, the first DLC "Happy Wedding Costume Set Vol.1" has been released, costing $19.99 for 13 costumes.

by | March 16, 2019 | 04:52

An attacker confronted the man outside his house. "I did not intend to kill him". I shouldn't have done what I did. The victim had raised his phone up to eye level to start to document the confrontation when the suspect allegedly shot an arrow directly at him.

by | March 16, 2019 | 03:12

If someone had told me this thing a few years back, maybe I would not believe him However witnessing the latest trends of technology about to reach the seventh sky has made me think that yes we are going to have such device soon. In order to make such a device, all the sensors are a camera on the front side have moved under the display. Don't forget that the company had also been working on a foldable device since nearly a decade and it is only now gone onto to release one.

by | March 16, 2019 | 01:46

Almost every company is working on a foldable phone and you can bet that even those who say they aren't are at least doing some R&D into it - afterall, who wanted to be left behind when a new trend takes off. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold . Another design shows a handset that folds down in three sections, with three display surfaces that stack when folded to create one smaller device.

by | March 16, 2019 | 02:21

Keep in mind, Android Q is now in beta - the first beta at that! - so features will likely change or be removed altogether. The changes aren't massive here, but the best parts of our year are playing with new versions of Android . Google hasn't said exactly when Android Q is going to get pushed out to the world at large, but it has said it's going to be sometime in the third quarter of 2019 - so either July, August or September.

by | March 15, 2019 | 01:29

The move is expected to affect dozens of employees , ranging from hardware engineers to program managers. For now, Google is asking affected employees to seek temporary roles, meaning that the company could revert the alleged downsizing down the line.

by | March 15, 2019 | 02:10

Google enforcement ramped up another dimension, though, by blocking those responsible for those ads. Some 734,000 publisher and app developers were removed from its ad network, and ads were removed entirely from almost 1.5 million apps, Google said.

by | March 15, 2019 | 02:11

By opening up Xbox Live to other platforms, Microsoft is accelerating the slow pivot from the online service being tied explicitly to a console and instead positioning it as a fabric for online gaming. While the lack of Xbox Live support for Nintendo Switch may seem conspicuous, having been listed among Microsoft's plans for GDC , that doesn't mean it isn't necessarily still on the cards.

by | March 15, 2019 | 02:02

The Android Q Beta 1 has been released , with Google pushing out the first preview version of its upcoming major Android release . It means that owners of a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL , a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL , or an original Pixel or Pixel XL are able to join the new beta.

by | March 14, 2019 | 02:40

Education consultation surveys from previous year suggested that approximately 97 percent of respondents supported some form of restriction on phones in class, according to the government sources. "Beginning next school year, cellphones will no longer be allowed in the classroom unless they are required for educational purposes, health and medical purposes, or to support special needs".

by | March 14, 2019 | 03:16

The Watch GT doesn't run Google's WearOS. Huawei has ditched Google's Wear OS and instead has added its own operating system, the OS Lite. The watch is able to identify usage patterns and modify the different modes of battery saver. To begin with, the Huawei Watch GT carries a price tag of Rs 16,990 for Classic Edition and Rs 15,990 for Sports Edition. The Huawei Nova 4e appears to be a watered-down version of the Huawei Nova 4 that was launched in December past year, but as per ...

by | March 14, 2019 | 03:32

The extensions would then take data from social networking sites including Facebook . This amount according to the civil complaint was what Facebook spent in removing the malicious plugins from its website a year ago. The lawsuit accuses the pair of fraud and breach of contract and seeks monetary damages and a restraining order against the alleged hackers and their associates.

by | March 14, 2019 | 02:01

Citing "people familiar with the matter", Bloomberg reports that Samsung has a "clamshell-like device" and another that folds outward, similar to Huawei's Mate X . Available in three different sizes, 5.8 inch Galaxy S10e , 6.1-inch Galaxy S10 and 6.4-inch Galaxy S10 +, Samsung S10 phones features World's first Dynamic AMOLED display .

by | March 14, 2019 | 03:41

Facebook told the BBC , "We're aware that some people are now having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps". It was unclear when the issue might be resolved. Are you experiencing problems with Facebook and Instagram today? Problems range from pages not loading whatsoever to issues within Facebook Messenger.

by | March 13, 2019 | 03:10

If I'm honest, I barely ran the app after it was released, except for looking in on periodic updates - and they were few and far between. You had your messages, your Allo and Duo, your Hangouts Chat and Meet , your YouTube chat , Voice, Hangouts Classic and so on.

by | March 13, 2019 | 02:52

It's obvious by now that using facial recognition to unlock your new Galaxy S10 is definitely not a good idea and locking your device using this method could expose your private info if someone else gets their hands on it. In fact, the issue is quite widespread. As previously mentioned in the beginning, in 4 out of 10 smarthpones tested by the Dutch Consumentenbond face unlock was found to be useless being easily bypassed with a simple photo.

by | March 13, 2019 | 03:09

To make sure that customers don't end up jumping ship out of frustration, Microsoft has quietly published a support document detailing that the company can automatically remove the faulty Windows Updates. With NetMarketshare reporting that 38% ( Statcounter reports 33%) of the Windows OS market is still running Windows 7 for the month of February, it's not hard to see why Microsoft is starting to deploy this tactic.

by | March 13, 2019 | 01:32

Firefox Send is now available through the send.firefox.com web portal, but Mozilla said the service would also be available as an Android app in beta later this week. After you drag and drop and file (or select it through a popup box ), you can choose to have the shareable link detonate after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 20, 50, or 100 downloads, or after 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, or 7 days (the default option).

by | March 12, 2019 | 02:04

In terms of what non-Chrome or Edge browser users are missing out on, the new version of Skype for Web has introduced a notifications panel that will feature notify you anytime another person mentions your name or quotes you. All the users need to do is to click on the icon and they will be redirected to the desired mention or place in a conversation. This feature, which is already available in the desktop applications, makes it possible to find the content needed without resorting to ...

by | March 11, 2019 | 12:26

Nintendo Labo is coming up on its one-year anniversary. So far only Sony offers VR console gaming with the PSVR . The Starter Set is a great entry point into the world of Nintendo Labo VR . Those who purchase the starter set will be able to buy other expansion sets as well, and each one costs $19.99. Labo VR headsets are the latest to join the line in a couple of different sets : A US$40 Starter Set + Blaster with two US$20 add-ons, or the complete set for US$80.