by | February 28, 2019 | 03:32

There are two new royal barbacks at the Empire Music Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland ! Young people who benefit from Extern are often advised to attend by social works or the Department of Justice. The parents of three also listened to aspiring artists inside the event, which was a celebration for all the "young people who are making a real difference in Northern Ireland", according to a tweet from Kensington Palace.

by | February 28, 2019 | 02:47

Likely in an attempt to save the interview, Graham then repeatedly urged Momoa to shout on camera. The haka is a Maori war dance "traditionally used on the battlefield, as well as when groups came together in peace", according to New .

by | February 28, 2019 | 02:13

We just didn't think we were going to have to wait almost four years for a return to Atlantis. The WB boss commented that with a string of laser-focused superhero films on the way - including Shazam , Joker , Wonder Woman 1984 , and Birds of Prey - the studio "feels like we're on the right track".

by | February 28, 2019 | 01:15

Pete was in the process of setting up a joke by saying, "My friend died in my apartment", when the heckler jumped in and shouted out: 'Mac Miller?' Pete insisted he would walk off the stage unless the heckler was tossed and got his money back, because the comedian didn't want it.

by | February 28, 2019 | 01:37

Based on the reaction given to Gaga and Cooper's Oscar performance , it's safe to say the film will add even more to its $426 million global box-office take. "I'm so glad she has him in her life, and I'm stoked you are history". Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on February 28, 2016.

by | February 27, 2019 | 02:57

Nike's latest ad " Dream Crazier " addresses society's double standards for women in sport. And if we dream of equal opportunity? "So understand and be humble that we have all been socialized in these ways". A woman boxing was insane. " Crazy , crazy, crazy, crazy, and crazy". "Despite our strides, we won't rest until the answer to the question, "Is sport for you?' shifts from, "No, it's crazy " to one where all women can emphatically say, 'Yes, it's for me", she continued.

by | February 27, 2019 | 03:24

Malek went on to thank the film's leadership and the studio for giving him a shot. He later attended the Governor's Ball party, with Entertainment Tonight noting that Malek showed "no outward sign of injury" for the off-camera spill. For Rami Malek , a triumphant evening at the Academy Awards almost ended in disaster. The incident occurred after Malek won the Best Actor Oscar for his leading role in " Bohemian Rhapsody ".

by | February 27, 2019 | 03:44

It took place at Sunset Room in Hollywood where Floyd celebrated his 42nd birthday. In a fit of rage, he then reaches for his security's gun while cameras and bystanders watch in awe. Tyga posted a photo on his Instagram Story the next day showing several males, suggesting they were the ones he scuffled with - including the security guard that kicked him out.

by | February 27, 2019 | 02:25

Gaga told The Associated Press that she was feeling nervous, but says Tony Bennett told her that if she's nervous it means she cares. Queen and Adam Lambert open ceremony with powerful medley * Rami Malek treated by medics after lead actor win at the Oscars * Lady Gaga wins first Oscar for Shallow * Will Bradley Cooper be Lady Gaga's Oscars date now that she's single? Lady Gaga has called on the Oscars to ditch its gendered acting categories, after her acclaimed performance ...

by | February 27, 2019 | 02:36

Britain's Prince Harry , left and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex , leave the residence of Mohammed VI of Morocco , on the third day of their tour of Morocco, in Rabat, Monday, Feb. Ever since marrying Britain's Prince Harry in May of past year, Meghan Markle has transfixed the world as she quickly established herself as a style icon.

by | February 27, 2019 | 03:36

Don Shirley in the movie Green Book at the Oscars 2019 ceremony at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday, February 24. ( Driving Miss Daisy won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1989, the same year Do the Right Thing would have been eligible.) Plenty of others have weighed in online.

by | February 27, 2019 | 02:36

However, a representative for Thompson, 59, said that she had dropped out "over concerns about working with John Lasseter when Skydance hired him". Back in January, Skydance CEO David Ellison announced Lasseter's hiring, a move that some viewed as controversial given the accusations that forced Lasseter to leave Pixar, including reports of unwanted hugging and touching.

by | February 27, 2019 | 03:06

Apparently, Selena held the title as the most-followed woman for three years but her previous departure from social media seemingly resulted in her follow drop. Ariana is now sitting at 146.3 million followers while Selena is now at 146.2, USA Today notes. "It's been awhile since you have heard from me, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and to thank you for your love and support".

by | February 27, 2019 | 01:25

According to Rotten Tomatoes' official statement , it eliminated the Want to See percentage score because it was sometimes confused with the Audience Score (submitted by those who have seen the movie), which is also represented as a percentage.

by | February 27, 2019 | 02:32

However, he has also revealed that R. Kelly "doesn't have any money at this point" due to "mismanagement", "hangers-on" and "bad deals". "No one wants to be jail", Greenberg said . Throngs of fans greeted Kelly as he walked out of jail, reports The Chicago Tribune . During Kelly's first encounter with the girl, he "had trouble maintaining an erection and penetrated the victim repeatedly vaginally and orally", prosecutors say.

by | February 27, 2019 | 01:16

Tze Chun , who co-founded comic book publisher TKO Studios, will write and executive produce the series. This one's still in development for a streaming network that doesn't have a release date (or an official name) yet, so we should probably not expect any further updates on the Gremlins animated series for some time.

by | February 26, 2019 | 02:37

Malek has said he was not aware of the accusations against Singer while filming. Malek also required the assistance of newly-minted Academy Award victor, Lady Gaga , with a minor wardrobe malfunction earlier that night. "Greatest moment of your career and that happens, I hope he is okay". Not only did Malek refrain from mentioning him, the sound mixing and sound editing teams who stepped up to collect awards also left him out of their speeches.

by | February 26, 2019 | 03:36

Disproving the rumours that Whoopi Goldberg could be a secret host, the ladies took to the stage to announce the victor of Best Supporting Actress. "We are not your hosts but we're gonna stand here a little too long so that the people who get USA Today tomorrow will think we hosted", she continued, as the group faked a pose.

by | February 26, 2019 | 02:22

The memo line also included the phrase "Don't Go", with TMZ sources saying this is the name of a song for which Smollett was hoping to slim down before he went shirtless in its music video . "They said that he paid them thirty-five hundred with a check", Johnson responded . When an Instagram follower criticized Smollett in the comment section of Howard's post, Howard responded: "sorry you feel that way but that's the only Jussie that I know".

by | February 26, 2019 | 01:29

A Fast Company profile of the production designer notes that she previously said she didn't know her calling until "she was sweeping the floors of a low budget Lifetime movie", after that she went on the collaborate with Black Panther's director (Ryan Coogler) in 2013 on Fruitvale Station .

by | February 26, 2019 | 02:41

Miley says her relationship with Liam defines what it is to be queer in a heterosexual relationship. Relationships and partnerships in a new generation - I don't think they have so much to do with sexuality or gender. "My relationship is very special to me, it is my home". Singer Miley Cyrus says it wouldn't be right if she moved overseas during President Trump's tenure because "you can't leave everyone else to fend for themselves".

by | February 26, 2019 | 01:24

Using a basketball analogy, the New York Knicks fan went on: "I thought I was courtside at the (Madison Square) Garden, and the ref made a bad call ". Spike Lee was referencing his loss of Best Original Screenplay to " Driving Miss Daisy " in 1990, a year that multiple Hollywood insiders believe snubbed him of a Best Director nomination for " Do the Right Thing ".

by | February 26, 2019 | 02:33

The Academy's decision to have U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) (shown above) introduce " Green Book " is creating nearly as much controversy as the film itself. Moments after Vallelonga accepted the award alongside fellow Green Book producers, he tried to explain to reporters in the Oscars press room why Shirley's family was not consulted during film's development.

by | February 26, 2019 | 02:57

Body language expert Judi James studied the behaviour of Lady Gaga and Bradley, sharing her thoughts with At very the end of the performance, Cooper sat next to Gaga at the piano and wrapped her arm around her as she leaned into him and shared a microphone.

by | February 26, 2019 | 02:13

Goldschmidt posted pics from the party of himself, Swift, and Girard, with the first caption explaining simply enough: "She came, she sang, I'm dead". In an Instagram post, Alex explained: "I made a decision to propose to Ross listening to this song in my vehicle". "So I would like to welcome, and if you would give a warm welcome to, my friend Taylor ".

by | February 26, 2019 | 01:37

Bohemian Rhapsody's streak of Oscar wins hasn't been warmly received by everyone , but Rami Malek winning one seems acceptable to some ( but not everyone ). Singer kept his directing credit on Bohemian Rhapsody due to industry rules, even though it was Dexter Fletcher who swooped in to help complete it.

by | February 26, 2019 | 01:39

While female filmmakers were shut out of the main directing category they cleaned up in the documentary and shorts categories. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won best animated feature film . He ended with a political call to arms: "Let's all be on the right side of history", he said of the presidential election. The film about a black jazz musician and a white driver travelling through the segregated US deep south also won the best supporting actor Oscar for Mahershala Ali, as well as ...

by | February 26, 2019 | 01:25

After a short appearance in Lee's hit movie Do the Right Thing , Jackson landed a more prominent role in one of his next films, Jungle Fever . "But in '89 I didn't get nominated, so this one we did". History, herstory, 1619, 2019. But after the trio presented Best Supporting Actress to Regina King (" If Beale Street Could Talk ") they were not seen or heard from again, accentuating the reality that, no, there really would be no Oscars host for the first time in 30 years.

by | February 26, 2019 | 00:56

Now though, in a report from TMZ , it appears as though Woods is now begging for forgiveness from the family and has what she feels is a good reason for what ultimately happened. So, even moreso than is normal for her and everyone in her famous family, Kardashian's name has been everywhere in the news feeds lately. He said no one would find out.

by | February 26, 2019 | 01:28

Lady Gaga is officially an Oscar victor, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. "I'm just so glad God gave her the talent that she has and he chose her because that's quite a vessel to go through", Cooper told Good Morning America about Lady Gaga .

by | February 26, 2019 | 02:03

Looking as stunning as ever, the couple showed some heartwarming camaraderie while posing for the photos, including the viral picture of PC sticking out her tongue at Nick. "I put my drink down, get on one knee-this is in front of a bunch of people-and I say, 'You're real". Talking about their first interaction, Nick had revealed how he was at the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party.

by | February 25, 2019 | 08:41

The actress kept the rest of her look minimalistic. Mexican pop singer Yuri, who since the 1980s has typically performed with bleach-blond hair, gave Aparicio a back-handed compliment when she commended her skill but also appeared to deny her Mexican identity as well as calling her unattractive.

by | February 25, 2019 | 08:33

The Oscars are being presented without a host for the first time in 30 years and the show is about to wrap up! "I'm not going to try to get him back". Ten minutes later, Gaga took to the stage to accept the Oscar Award for Best Original Song alongside the song's producers and other writers, Mark Ronson , Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt.

by | February 25, 2019 | 07:38

In his speech, Lee paid tribute to Black History Month and shared some of his family's own stories of triumphant in the face of oppression. Be sure to check out PEOPLE's full Oscars coverage to get the latest news on film's biggest night.

by | February 25, 2019 | 06:26

Carter's work on Black Panther has been praised ever since the film hit theaters last February. Marvel Studios has earned nominations at the Oscars before but tonight, it has finally won its first ever Academy Award. Carter's incredible work on Black Panther finally brought the gold to the MCU. "Thank you Ryan I love you". This was Carter's third Oscar nomination and her first win, the first two being for Malcom X in 1992 and Amistad in 1997.