In nod to 2020, Trump pitches US immigration overhaul

In nod to 2020, Trump pitches US immigration overhaul

A day after unveiling a plan to shift to a "merit-based" immigration system, the Republican president said there was a "good chance" that Democrats would back him and provide funding to manage record migrant flows along the U.S. -Mexico border.

The proposal doesn't change the number of people who obtain permanent residency on an annual basis. "We will replace the existing green card categories with a new visa, the Build America visa - which is what we all want to hear", Trump said.

The proposal will include dramatically reducing the number of family-based green cards and moving towards a points-based system that will reward, among other factors, education, skills and English language proficiency. "Are they saying most of the people who've come to the United States in the history of our country are without merit because they don't have an engineering degree?"

"Future immigrants will be required to learn English and pass a civics exam prior to admission", Trump added.

"The White House has repackaged the worst of its past failed immigration plans: greenlighting the Administration's barbaric family detention policies, reviving the president's ineffective and wasteful wall, completely abandoning our patriotic and determined Dreamers, and gutting our asylum and refugee protections, which the evangelical community has called the 'crown jewel of American humanitarianism, '" said Speaker Pelosi in a statement.

"We cherish the open door that we want to create for our country, but a big proportion of those immigrants must come in through merit and skill", he said.

Just as we learn that a Guatemalan 2-year-old died in USA custody, Donald Trump unveils a plan that would make our already brutal immigration system even more inhumane.

Sen. Bernie Sanders accused Donald Trump of pushing "xenophobia and racism" on Friday after the president said his administration is building up "removal forces" to kick out immigrants.

"But wouldn't it be nice to do it sooner than that?"

Democrats indeed criticized the plan on arrival. The country has long placed a preference on providing green cards to family members of immigrants.

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"They say family is without merit - are they saying most of the people that come to the United States in the history of our country are without merit, because they don't have an engineering degree", Pelosi asked at her weekly press conference on Thursday.

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"Many Democrats have claimed to be for these concepts at different times in their careers".

But as the official White House line on immigration, the proposal sets a marker for where Trump hopes the Republican Party will eventually go - and that is toward the most dramatic rethinking of immigration since President Lyndon Johnson signed the Immigration and Nationality Act in 1965. The new proposal aims to increase the skill-and-merit ratio to between 57 and 60 percent.

Almost four years later, he's now putting forward a plan that he argues would select the best immigrants from other countries. But, it will change the focus of how they would be allocated, prioritizing highly skilled and educated individuals with employment or investment prospects rather than family ties to USA citizens or humanitarian needs. About 1.13 million people get permanent resident visas or green cards every year. It is also a path to citizenship in five years. "We want these exceptional students and workers to stay, flourish and thrive in America", Trump said.

"It's time to restore our national unity and reaffirm our national goal".

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The reforms, announced in a Rose Garden speech, would be the first major change to the system in decades and would fundamentally pivot from the U.S. tradition of welcoming "your poor, your huddled masses", as the poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty puts it.

Prepared by Jared Kushner, 38, Mr Trump's son-in-law, it was criticised on both sides of the political divide and viewed more as an election rallying cry than a serious effort to solve America's many immigration problems. The measures include tougher vetting of asylum claims, and a comprehensive border security package, which includes funding based on fees collected at ports of entry and fixes to the legal framework that now encourages illegal aliens to flood across the border.

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