Rwandan massacre suspects passed Australian security checks, Scott Morrison says

Rwandan massacre suspects passed Australian security checks, Scott Morrison says

The families of two New Zealanders brutally murdered in Uganda are reportedly horrified after finding out that Australia resettled the killers in a secret deal with the US.

The agreement to send them to Australia reportedly was made amid a seemingly related deal, struck during the final days of the Obama administration, for the take as many as 1,250 migrants whom Australia was holding in offshore refugee centers - which had come under worldwide scrutiny for alleged mistreatment of migrants.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is refusing to confirm whether these men are now living in Australia.

The arrangements for the two Rwandan men were reportedly part of the 2016 deal struck by two former leaders, Malcolm Turnbull and Barack Obama, but was never made public.

But the explosive report has the capacity to severely undermine the Coalition's "tough on borders" reputation just two days from the federal election.

In 2017 a leaked transcript of a phone call between Turnbull and newly elected USA president, Donald Trump, revealed the Australian leader apparently seeking to reassure Trump, who labelled the arrangement the "worst deal ever".

The US agreed to accept up to 1250 refugees from Manus Island and Nauru who passed detailed security vetting, but weren't going to be allowed into Australia.

Leonidas Bimenyimana and Gregoire Nyaminani were arrested under terrorism charges and faced the death penalty, USA media outlet Politico reported.

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The case against them fell apart in 2007 when a judge... The men were subsequently kept in USA detention under American law and fought attempts to extradite them back to Rwanda where they feared for their safety. The case was dropped and the men were left in limbo until the Obama-era deal. According to the Politico report, they were then sent to Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have also sought comment from the department, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and Turnbull, who is in transit.

Despite taking two men, it was reported that Australia refused to take the third alleged killer, Francois Karake, as he was involved in a fight with a U.S. jail guard in 2015.

"And we always respect the privacy, and the privacy of the process, for those individuals, because when you're providing refugee protection, then that is an important part of the process and an important obligation". It may have been "a reciprocal gesture that could nudge the swap deal along".

In their first call after Mr Trump was sworn in, the paper has reported that, the US President vented his frustration at Mr Turnbull about having to honour the deal.

Australia also agreed to re-settle people the Obama Administration wanted to get out of the U.S. in what Politico described as a "secret arrangement".

"We are taking people from the previous administration that they were very keen on getting out of the United States".

"Is there any more evidence we need that Malcolm Turnbull wasn't working for Australia's interests. Really it looks like 2,000 people that Australia does not want and I do not blame you by the way, but the United States has become like a dumping ground", he said, according to a transcript of the call obtained by The Washington Post.

The government's acceptance of two men linked to a brutal mass murder and rebel groups implicated in a genocide has drawn criticism in light of the government's opposition to laws allowing for the medical evacuation of sick refugees and asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island.

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