Google Assistant comes to Sonos speakers - Tech

Google Assistant comes to Sonos speakers - Tech

We imagine a day where we'll have multiple voice assistants operating concurrently on the same device, and we're committed to making that happen as soon as possible.

Google countered with updates last 17, to its Android Auto system, which gained Assistant capacity. Sonos customers can start using Google's voice-activated assistant with their Sonos One and Sonos Beam after a.

You can choose either Alexa or Google Assistant for each individual Sonos One or Beam in your system. Once you've installed the Google Assistant app on your phone and have updated your Sonos app, you can activate Assistant by tapping the "More" icon in the app and then selecting "Voice Services", where you'll find the option to add Assistant.

When I first reviewed the Sonos One, I wrote that it was a promise for the future as the out of the box functionality was great, but would really only be fully realised once both voice assistants were enabled.

Music, news, and radio.

At launch, Google Assistant on the Sonos app can be used to control music on Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Pandora, TIDAL, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and Deezer. Use voice to go to the next song, change the volume, or pause with all streaming services available on Sonos. Over time, however, it has included dozens of languages, even partnered to control lights, locks and TVs and learned to spot members of any household from voice.

For those of you in New York City in a few weeks, Sonos is planning a series of what it's describing as "multi-sensory installations" running June 7-9 that are created to show off what Sonos products can do thanks to the new Google Assistant support.

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It also shows how a company can use your data and the ways you can limit the control of data it collects.

Get answers, manage tasks and plans. When you tap and hold on the home button, you will get the Google Assistant onboarding instead of Screen Search.

Connect with Smart Home. They're features the company is working with Google on enabling, though.

Google Assistant arrived on Sonos on May 14.

The new design of Google Assistant is a transparent overlay that darkens that area at the bottom of the display and puts the words "Hi, I'm listening" to show that Google Assistant is active. A handful of small missing features will be added later as they work out the details, Sonos and Google said. Learn more and RSVP. With multi-room audio, you can ask Google Assistant to play your playlist on multiple Sonos speakers in your home.

The great part about the Assistant integration is that it works in concert with all of the great features Sonos already offers. Sonos is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.

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