What if the Philadelphia 76ers win the NBA Draft Lottery?

What if the Philadelphia 76ers win the NBA Draft Lottery?

"So, yes, I do believe I'm the best player".

Here's everything you need to know ahead of Tuesday's drawing.

When undergraduates declare for the National Basketball Association draft, their name is provided to the Undergraduate Advisory Committee (UAC) who "will now provide written feedback to players and their coaches". But there is a 43.6 percent chance that at least one team in the 9-14 lottery spots will leapfrog the Grizzlies and push them back a spot, meaning Boston would get the pick now.

Also, would the Mavs choose to trade the pick?

The feedback is gathered by sending National Basketball Association executives a series of emails with a list of names and requesting their team's assessment of players' draft stock.

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According to the league, the actual lottery procedure will take happen inside a separate room moments ahead of the broadcast.

Here's a look into the four reasons why landing Zion Williamson in the 2019 NBA Draft would completely shift the picture of the direction of the Chicago Bulls franchise. That's assumed to be Duke's Zion Williamson, a potential franchise-altering talent.

The Celtics are due to receive the Sacramento Kings' first-round pick in next month's draft, so long as it does not come out No. 1 overall in the lottery. There's an 18.9% chance of them dropping to No. 11 if one of the four teams behind them cashes in on their odds of jumping into the top four. The Knicks see Davis as a player who could re-sign as a free agent should they trade for him, and the only way they could put together a realistic package to entice New Orleans into a trade is by landing the chance to draft Williamson.

Okay, what about the Wizards? The bottom three teams have the same odds at both the No. 1 pick (14 percent) and staying in the top four (12 percent). However, it's better than in year's past.

What will the Knicks do if they land No. 1? The Hawks would perfectly fit with Zion considering their team first approach and their three-point shooting ability.

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