Is Constance Wu Upset About Fresh Off the Boat's Renewal or Not?

Is Constance Wu Upset About Fresh Off the Boat's Renewal or Not?

Actress Constance Wu appeared upset Friday after news circulated that her hit show "Fresh Off the Boat" was renewed by ABC for a sixth season. It also served as a launchpad for Wu, who went on to co-star in "Crazy Rich Asians".

In tweets moments before, Wu said she was "so upset right now I'm literally crying", along with angry profanities. "Fuck", followed by "Fucking hell". When one user later congratulated her on the "great news" (i.e. Fresh Off the Boat's renewal), she responded, "No it's not".

Wu reportedly topped off her tantrum by posting a "dislike" on the show's official Instagram announcement.

And the "Crazy Rich Asians" star insists she does "regret" the way her original tweets sounded, and says she never meant to insinuate that she was disappointed in the "Fresh Off the Boat" renewal.

Wu says her role on the show is "easy and pleasant", but she would prefer to seek out challenges. Despite Wu backtracking and now claiming she is thrilled for the show's renewal, fans are not happy with Constance Wu, and it could affect the upcoming season.

Wu is next set to appear in the new film Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B. But if one does have privilege, they out to use that privilege as best they can.

An hour or so after her initial tweets, she "clarified" what she has originally tweeted.

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Each spring, the networks behind your favorite TV shows put them on the chopping block, delivering renewals and cancellations in abundance.

But apparently it really was Wu behind the tweets as she not only left up the first to posts, but she also walked back her earlier statements in some follow-up posts.

She walked back those remarks shortly thereafter in tweeting how they came "on the heels of a rough day".

The 37-year-old actress, who has been on the show since 2015, seemingly shared her disappointment about the ABC comedy being renewed on social media.

"People "assumed" that that meant I don't love and enjoy FOTB", she added. I love the word. "People can hold conflicting feelings in their heart". "I hope you believe me", Constance wrote.

"But my words and ill-timing were insensitive to those who are struggling, especially insensitive considering the fact that I used to be in that struggle too", she said. "You're making an assumption", she tweeted.

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