'Game of Thrones': Clues That Brandon Stark is the Night King

'Game of Thrones': Clues That Brandon Stark is the Night King

Which will be good news for those of you who've been anxious during the season's first two episodes which have been heavy on the table-setting and exposition.

Most of these images show the defenders of Winterfell gearing up for battle, with Tyrion and Varys taking refuge in the crypts of Winterfell, Brienne and Jaime leading the defense outside the castle and the Stark sisters watching from above.

HBO has released six photos from the upcoming third episode of Game of Thrones, according to showbiz website Entertainment Weekly.

Sapochnik has handled duties like this before for "Game of Thrones" after directing the episodes "The Battle of the Bastards" as well as 2015's "Hardhome", which also featured the army of the dead. Daenerys, for example - who has just learned Jon Snow's true identity - is seen alongside the latter looking upon Winterfell from afar before the battle begins.

So while everyone is expecting him to show up at Winterfell, the Night King could instead be flying to King's Landing in order to kill everyone there and create yet another army of the dead in the south-an army that whoever survives the battle in the north will ultimately have to conquer.

Don't worry, they're free from spoilers - that is, unless you haven't seen the second one yet.

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Daenerys and Jon watch the battle unfold.

A recent edit to the theory also includes the importance of Bran, that perhaps his warg abilities could help a few select dragon riders find the Night King and attack.

I think we all know which one of those we'd prefer to see. Courtesy HBO.Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark. In the other, Sansa is pictured alone, with a harsh look on her face but visibly on the verge of tears.

Here at The North Awaits, JOE's Game of Thrones podcast, we're in the business of wild theories that are just insane enough to sound plausible.

In addition to this, even Daenerys Targaryen had a vision when she was at HotU.

Could she be about to return at one of the most pivotal moments of the series?

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