‘Blood rain’ is causing cars in Portsmouth to be covered in dust

‘Blood rain’ is causing cars in Portsmouth to be covered in dust

Red dust seen on cars in the midlands this morning.

Though it may sound like something out of a horror film, "blood rain" is not as scary as it sounds.

BBC weather says that developing showers could cause Saharan dust to be washed out of the skies and in turn cause a layer of red dust to land on your auto.

The dust is said to be "uncommon" in this part of Europe, and is a mix of sand and dust from the North African desert.

"When we get wind from the south - as we have had for the last while - and a dry period of weather which caused a lot of dust to get carried up into the high atmosphere".

Heavy rain is being forecast to fall in Portsmouth today, according to the Met Office, so you may notice more dust on your vehicle.

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The Easter weekend's hot weather has brought the dust from the Sahara Desert, which was dispersed over parts of Ireland over the weekend and early this week.

And as rain falls it picks up the particles, before landing, evaporating and leaving deposits of dust behind.

In order for the dust to get from up in the sky down to the ground, you need rain.

Saharan dust is not uncommon in Europe but is rarer in Ireland and the United Kingdom, but when the flawless mix of winds and big dust storms happen to coincide, it can lead to it spreading across continents. When the water evaporates, a thin layer of dust is left on surfaces, like cars as we have seen, not just in Scotland but across much of the United Kingdom and Europe too.

The dust can affect air pollution levels, as well as cause asthma sufferers to become short of breath.

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