NASA Astronaut To Set Record For Longest Spaceflight By A Woman

NASA Astronaut To Set Record For Longest Spaceflight By A Woman

NASA astronaut Christina Koch is going to have her mission on the International Space Station (ISS) extended to almost 11 months, which would set a record for the longest spaceflight by a woman, the USA space agency said Wednesday.

Nearly four tons of supplies, hardware and science payloads are heading to the International Space Station after today's launch of a robotic Northrop Grumman Cygnus cargo ship.

Antares' height is 230-242,5 meters, its diameter is 3,9 meters, the mass of the empty rocket is 20,6 tons, while the equipped one weights 263 tons. This included the NASA-sponsored 3U CubeSat called Student Aerothermal Spectrometer Satellite of IL and Indiana CubeSat (SASSI2) and 60 ThinSats sponsored by Virginia Space Flight Authority. Lt. Commander Chaffee, who was selected by NASA to fly on the first manned mission of the Apollo program in 1967, but who died in a tragic accident with fellow crewmates, Virgil "Gus" Grissom and Ed White II after a fire occurred in the space capsule during a simulation of the Apollo 1 launch.

NASA TV will also offer live coverage of the capture and docking process on Friday.

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The launch took place properly; the first stage separated in three minutes after the start. They will deliver 7,600 pounds of research, crew supplies, and hardware to the International Space Station.

Two of the cube-shaped Astrobee robots will be tested inside by the station crew, while the third - called Seeker and the size of a bread loaf - will wait until the Cygnus departs in July before being released and flying solo in orbit. A host of nanosatellites are on board and due for deployment either from the space station or from the cylindrical Cygnus craft itself.

Another two new experiments will scrutinize aging-like changes in many astronauts on the space station, including changes to their arteries, and examine effects of spaceflight on the function of antibody production and immune memory.

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