Fourth measles case reported by Maryland health department

Fourth measles case reported by Maryland health department

One measles case has been reported to the FDOH. Complications can include brain damage, blindness, and hearing loss. The outbreak began last October when an unvaccinated child from the New York City area traveled to Israel and contracted the disease.

The woman was working on board El AL flight 002 from John F. Individuals should contact their healthcare provider by phone before going in if they develop measles symptoms.

- A flight attendant for Israeli airline El Al remains in a coma after becoming infected with measles.

"The Ministry issued precise instructions for all passengers on the flight". Talk with your health care provider about vaccination before leaving for worldwide trips.

Most universities require proof of the vaccination to attend, and even if you received the inoculation between 1957 to 1971, it is possible that you are still not immune to the disease.

Check your immunization record to make sure you and your family members are up-to-date with the measles vaccination (MMR or MMRV).

The CDC said the outbreaks are linked to global travelers who brought measles back from other countries such as Israel, Ukraine, and the Philippines, where large measles outbreaks are ongoing.

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Measles is an acute, highly contagious and viral disease, according to the Department of Health. The disease is rare in the U.S. thanks to modern vaccination practices. Sigal Sedetzki, head of public health services at the Health Ministry, told Channel 12. Parents are responsible for their children's adherence to these guidelines.

In addition to properly vaccinating healthy children to prevent disease, adults can also take steps to avoid contracting and spreading the measles virus.

This has been the second-largest number of cases reported in the United States since measles was eliminated in 2000. Most of the NY cases have been unvaccinated people in Orthodox Jewish communities.

Today, measles still causes more than 100,000 deaths globally each year.

"We notified all the people that if they are not taking shots, they can not come to our hotel", said Rabbi Motty Katz, manager of the Katz Pesach program at the Long Island Hilton in Huntington, New York".

Sabella said because we've done such a good job vaccinating against measles, it's easy for people to think that the danger doesn't exist anymore, but this current outbreak shows how easy it is for this unsafe disease to spread.

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