Libya conflict: Dead in new rocket attack on Tripoli

Libya conflict: Dead in new rocket attack on Tripoli

The army has been leading a military campaign since early April to take over western Libya, particularly the capital Tripoli where Serraj's government is based.

Forces loyal to al-Serraj have so far managed to hold off Haftar's forces.

A UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution has been drafted by the United Kingdom calling for a ceasefire in the Libyan capital Tripoli.

GNA Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj has ordered the arrest of Haftar and his LNA allies.

"[It is necessary] to implement an [arms] embargo against Haftar and prevent the countries supplying [Haftar] with arms and ammunition from doing so", the minister said in an interview with Italy's La Repubblica newspaper.

Recent clashes between rival Libyan militias for control of the capital Tripoli have displaced almost 20,000 people, the United Nations said Tuesday, and prompted the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to warn that she could investigate and possibly prosecute new offenses.

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It says the offensive "threatens the stability of Libya" and prospects for the national dialogue and a political solution in Libya and has had a "serious humanitarian impact". That conflict led to Bensouda's ongoing probe after the U.N. Security Council called for an investigation.

Britain was hoping to bring the ceasefire resolution to a vote at the Security Council before Friday, but diplomats pointed to Russia's objections as a hurdle. Militiamen from Zawiya captured 100 of Haftar's fighters the day after he launched his offensive.

As consultations continued in NY on Wednesday, Russia's deputy United Nations ambassador Dmitry Polyansky told reporters "we need to have a nice document" but declined to give details on the areas of disagreement.

The army is allied with the eastern-based government, as the country is politically divided between western and eastern governments.

In addition to the Presidential Council - based in Tripoli - Libya now has another power from Parliament in Tobruk, controlled by Haftar; and a third as a result of the important alliance between the city-states of Misrata and Zintan, in the northwest of the country.

Resolutions adopted by the council are legally binding. The talks coincided with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres first visit to the North African country.

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