Carl's Jr. to sell cannabis-infused burger on 4/20

Carl's Jr. to sell cannabis-infused burger on 4/20

Carl's Jr. has announced that it's testing a cannabidiol-infused burger, dubbed the Rocky Mountain High Cheese Burger Delight, at one of its Denver locations on Saturday, which happens to be April 20, the unofficial holiday for marijuana fanatics.

Carl's calling their new creation the "Rocky Mountain High: Cheeseburger Delight" and will only be sold on April 20, or "4/20", as reported by CNN Bussiness.

Cannabis enthusiasts in Colorado will now have a savory food item to balance out a well-rounded diet of CBD-infused candies. "We are all about innovation". Consumers are increasingly seeking products that offer an extra something, like increased energy or better gut health.

Some studies have suggested relative functional benefits of CBD products, though Carl's not promoting any such benefits of CBD, Trevino said.

Carl's hoping to please their customers, whom Trevino said tend to be interested in new trends.

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The limited-time offer not only puts Carl's Jr. ahead of the competition but also on par with those in fine dining chasing the craze. While more companies and retailers are exploring entries into the CBD marketplace, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering further regulation of the substance.

The chain first chose to explore CBD in January, after introducing a product based on another trend.

Hemp was legalized nationally a year ago as part of the Farm Bill, but the Food & Drug Administration still hasn't decided how to regulate CBD products. The CBD industry got a big boost after the passage of the farm bill earlier this year.

Denver was chosen because recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado.

The company says it hasn't decided whether to roll this out more widely or keep it as a one-day promotion.

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