Husband Of Fallen Soldier Deported, Then Returned To US After Media Attention

Husband Of Fallen Soldier Deported, Then Returned To US After Media Attention

Barbara Vieyra, was killed while serving in Afghanistan in 2010.

Then, on the morning of April 8, while Gonzalez Carranza was driving to work, ICE agents accosted him with their guns drawn.

Carranza stressed that immigrants should be judged on a case-by-case basis and that under Trump's presidency, ICE has been much too aggressive with deportations. But on Wednesday, ICE deported him to Nogales.

Gonzalez Carranza, meanwhile, was granted a parole in place exemption, his attorney, Ezequiel Hernandez, told the Republic. He was allowed to re-enter the United States on Monday, April 15. ICE appears to have refiled its case against him previous year, according to Hernandez, even though he has no criminal record.

Mr Gonzalez Carranza himself had illegally entered the U.S. from Veracruz, Mexico in 2004 as a teenager.

Jose Gonzalez Carranza, 30, lost his wife in Afghanistan when her Army military police unit was hit with an IED in 2010. He was then granted a parole in place distinction, which allows some undocumented relatives of USA veterans to remain in the country without threat of deportation, according to his attorney, Ezequiel Hernandez.

In any case, Hernandez said that after sending a press release to the media and speaking with the Republic, ICE notified him of their reversal. A judge later ordered Gonzalez Carranza to be deported in December after he failed to show up for a hearing, Hernandez said. After he missed the hearing, a judge issued an order for his arrest. Gonzalez Carranza told the Republic he responded: "Who you guys are?"

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"I feel so bad", Gonzalez Carranza told the Arizona Republic. Evelyn was just three years old when her mother died in Afghanistan. "I'm thinking about, I might never see her again".

"When she was 3, she was too young to know what happened, but now she's nearly a teenager", she said. He has a job as a welder in Gilbert, Arizona. ICE officials told Hernandez that later on Monday Gonzalez would be taken back to Phoenix and released on his own recognizance, The Arizona Republic said.

Gonzalez Carranza was born in Mexico and came to the United States when he was a teenager.

While Gonzalez Carranza is an undocumented immigrant - he came to the USA from Mexico in 2004 as a teenager - he was granted a parole in place leniency after his wife was killed which was suppose to allow him to stay in the US undocumented. He was allowed to re-enter the U.S. on April 15.

Gonzalez Carranza married Barbara Vieyra in 2007. Vieyra, a USA citizen, was a prive first class in the army. The couple's 12-year-old daughter stayed with her grandparents after her father was deported. When they were reached by reporters, neither Guadalupe nor her parents realized that Gonzalez Carranza had been deported.

A man whose wife died in Afghanistan while fighting for the USA military was deported and sent to Mexico before he was later returned to the US.

"I think the new president, the only thing he wants to do is deport people for no reason", Gonzalez Carranza said. "If I was an ICE agent or a government attorney and I was told by my administration that I need to deport people, his would not be the first case to choose". But he only thinks, if you are illegal, you are going out. "He never thinks about what happened with the families ... or if the people contribute to his country to be better".

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