Maxine Waters, Mnuchin Go Mano a Mano

Maxine Waters, Mnuchin Go Mano a Mano

"It will be embarrassing if I keep this person waiting for a long period of time", Mnuchin said.

"I expect the secretary to honor our invitation to return so that the rest of these members have an opportunity to pursue their questions", she said. Once the tax returns are out, reporters could find something that the IRS missed. Mnuchin said that he had been advised that he wasn't obligated to stay at the hearing.

Mnuchin did not indicate how his department would respond to the request, saying he meant to "follow the law", while defending Trump's right to keep his tax returns private. "But I am disturbed that the White House, through the chief of staff, would appear to be calling the shots on a matter that is fully within the purview of the Treasury Department", Everson said.

Trump says he can not release the tax returns because he is under audit, and the administration has put up a united front aimed at blocking the documents from being released.

"We would never ask for the White House's permission on this, " Mnuchin said.

Mnuchin told politicians that his department will "follow the law" but hasn't shared the department's interpretation of the statute.

"Congress, as a coequal branch of government, has a duty to conduct oversight of departments and officials", Neal said when he requested the tax returns. "It is being reviewed by the legal department and we look forward to responding to the letter".

"I would love to give them but I'm not going to do it while I'm under audit", Trump told reporters outside the White House Wednesday, the deadline for Trump to respond to Neal's letter.

Rettig said he hadn't been instructed not to comply with the request by anyone acting on the White House's behalf.

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testifies before a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing, Tuesday, April 9, 2019, on Capitol Hill in Washington.

'If this is the way you will treat me, I will rethink' returning... Mnuchin tried to get testy, telling Waters that it was 5:08pm and he was told he could leave at 5pm.

"The general public, when they elected President Trump, made the decision without his tax returns being released", Mnuchin said.

Waters, however, told him: "This is a new day and it's a new chair, and I have the gavel at this point. What I told you is I thought it was respectful that you'd let me leave at 5:15, which is the current time". He lost his calm when he was in a hearing with California Representative Maxine Waters.

The suggestion here seems to be that if Waters understood the wealth that Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive, perhaps she would be more amenable to his needs, because, he's super wealthy?

"He wanted me to order him or to shut down the use the gavel to say the committee was adjourned for his purposes".

That sparked a back and forth between Waters and Mnuchin in which the secretary threatened not to return to the committee if forced to remain past the time he had given the committee the previous afternoon.

Democrat Richard Neal, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, has asked the IRS to turn over six years' of the president's tax returns by the end of the day. The IRS is part of Treasury. The IRS says there's no rule against subjects of an audit from publicly releasing their tax filings. During the campaign, he promised to release his tax returns after a "routine audit" was complete. No law prevents a taxpayer from releasing returns that are under audit.

See, the President Trump appointed advisor was upset that his testimony was taking too long-over three hours-and that he had a meeting to attend. "The only this works is if the American people trust the IRS and trust this information will be held private".

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