Trump, lawmakers await details of Mueller's Russian Federation report

Trump, lawmakers await details of Mueller's Russian Federation report

Top Democrats demanded this weekend that the entire report be released - save for redactions made to protect national security - and reiterated Sunday they are ready to subpoena the report, underlying information and administration officials to ascertain its contents if it is not.

"They don't think this Mueller report is going to be the bombshell they anticipated", he said of House Democrats.

The American people deserve the truth.

On Democratic Caucus call Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would reject any classified briefing of the Gang of 8 or any other classified configurations. "Do you accept that no member of the Trump team engaged in that kind of criminal conspiracy with Russian Federation?"

Mueller completed his investigation Friday into Russian interference in the 2016 election and President Donald Trump's campaign. That authority has enabled them, along with F.B.I. agents, to scrutinize a broader orbit around the president, including his family business. "We know there was some collusion", he said.

The attorney general is still reviewing and the demands to see Special Counsel Robert Maulers report on the nearly two- year-investigation into President Trump and Russian election interference are growing.

Two years ago, when Mueller first set up shop, his arrival provided a semblance of order after Trump's surprise election night victory and the questions raised by the intelligence community's January 2017 findings that Russian Federation interfered with the election in hopes of tilting the outcome to Trump.

"What matters is that prosecutors and agents faithfully carried out their jobs to uncover the relevant facts and applied law and policy to those facts", he said.

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She said Attorney General William Barr's offer to provide Congress with a summary of conclusions was "insufficient".

The Justice Department has a policy that sitting presidents can not face criminal charges. Many Republicans also want the report released and say it will vindicate Trump.

In all, the investigation resulted in charges against 37 people and entities, with seven people pleading guilty and five sentenced to prison.

"On that very note, if Robert Mueller comes out in his report and suggests very strongly or states flat out that he agrees with you that the president obstructed justice or that the president may have committed some crime that DOJ guidelines don't allow to be indicted, will you begin impeachment proceedings?" And a significant group of them still focus around President Donald Trump.

President Trump has denied any collusion and disparaged the investigation as a "witch hunt".

However, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, a Democrat, told ABC's "This Week" that his panel has a particular obligation to determine whether Trump was "compromised in any way, whether that is criminal or not".

Trump took White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Emmet Flood with him to Florida.

No more indictments: Did press go too far on probe? The Justice Department was expected to release the main findings as soon as Saturday.

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