Christchurch mosque attacks: Immediate ban for military-style weapons after massacre

Christchurch mosque attacks: Immediate ban for military-style weapons after massacre

Accused shooter Brenton Tarrant livestreamed the carnage in real-time, sparking worldwide revulsion and concern over access to guns and the use of social media by extremists.

Families of the victims have been frustrated by the delay as under Islam bodies are usually buried within 24 hours.

The areas around the mosques remained cordoned off and guarded by armed police, but the spokesman said they were working "to allow the Muslim community back into the mosque on Friday for Friday prayers".

In the US however, no new national-level gun laws have been enacted, despite a spate of massacres including the Parkland high school shooting in 2018, in which 17 people died.

Asked about the people who illegally hold military-style semi-automatic, she said, "we just want the guns back".

The ban will apply to all military-style semi-automatics (MSSA) and assault rifles, along with parts used to convert weapons into MSSAs and all high-capacity magazines.

The military versions most resembling the AR-15 rifle are the M16 and M4 carbines, which can fire in semi-automatic mode, three-round burst mode or fully automatic mode.

I am very pleased that the government has initiated a buyback scheme to take as many of these firearms out of circulation as possible.

Prime Minister Khan also extended an invitation to his counterpart to visit Pakistan.

The prime minister emphasized that firearms play a legitimate role in New Zealand life, especially in rural areas, where she noted they are used for pest control, animal welfare and recreation. Whether they want those laws is another matter entirely.

At the cemetery, solemn farewells continued for Cashmere High School student Sayyad Ahmad Milne, 14, who was known as an outgoing boy and the school's futsal goalkeeper.

A police official stands guard in front of the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch New Zealand
A police official stands guard in front of the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch New Zealand

"The moment I landed in Christchurch, I could feel the love here".

However, a 43-year-old woman, Lisa, who only gave her first name, said she was less sure about whether the change in gun laws was the correct move from the government.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush announced on Thursday authorities had finalised the identities of the victims.

The error would not affect the validity of the prosecution.

'The charge sheet will be amended. It encouraged people to fill out an online form and said after that police would be in touch to make arrangements.

Tarrant is expected to face a "bundle" of new charges at a court appearance on April 5, Stuff reported. Members of the Linwood mosque, where the gunman killed at least seven people, also would attend the joint prayer, he said.

Fahim Imam, 33, of Auckland, flew in Friday morning from New Zealand's largest city for the service. There are plans to bury the blood-soaked carpet on which so many people died. "Because it is full of blood, and it's contaminated".

Fouda said he expects the mosque to be open again by next week and that some skilled workers had offered their services for free.

Ardern announced the ban Thursday and said it would be followed by legislation to be introduced next month.

Ardern had already labeled the mass shooting by a white supremacist an act of terrorism, and her pledge, days later, to never mention the attacker's name earned her the nation's respect.

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