Hotel guests in South Korea ‘secretly live streamed’

Hotel guests in South Korea ‘secretly live streamed’

The cameras were wireless and the footage was streamed online on a website.

According to the police in South Korea, more than 1,500 hotel guests across 30 different hotels in 10 various cities were secretly filmed and live-streamed on the internet via hidden spy cameras in the rooms.

These arrests are seen as a positive step because, as the police state, "this is the first time the police caught where videos were broadcast live on the internet", suggesting they now know how to track down the culprits when these cameras are discovered.

A police officer demonstrates mini-spy cameras installed at hair dryer, as he is shown on a screen, center rear, at a police station in Seoul, South Korea.

The site charged a pretty penny for those who wanted to view these live-streams, with 97 customers paying up to $44.95 a month to have the ability to replay the footage. The secret filming is said to have taken place between November 24 of previous year and March 2, meaning that this was ongoing until just a few weeks ago.

More than 1,500 hotel guests in South Korea were found to be unwitting performers for a community of online voyeurs in rooms carefully rigged with tiny cameras hidden in everyday objects.

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The police said there was no evidence that the hotel owners were aware that their guests were being filmed, reported The Guardian.

South Korea is now undergoing a spate of illicit online filming, with 6,400 cases being reported to police in 2017, compared to around 2,400 five years earlier.

A conviction for distributing illegal videos is punishable by jail time and a penalty of about $27,000, the Korea Herald reported.

The men reportedly posted 803 videos and evaded the law by basing the website server overseas, the BBC reported.

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Last year, tens of thousands of women took to the streets of Seoul, the capital, to protest against illicit videos and other forms of sexual abuse and violence, and to demand stricter punishment.

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