Samsung’s ultimate goal is to create "perfect full-screen" phone

Samsung’s ultimate goal is to create

This isn't the first time the South Korean behemoth has mentioned this but it will take time before such a smartphone is actually materialized. SamMobile recently got its hands on eight wallpapers based on the butterfly image seen in the folding phone's campaign, and you can download them now. If someone had told me this thing a few years back, maybe I would not believe him However witnessing the latest trends of technology about to reach the seventh sky has made me think that yes we are going to have such device soon.

"Punching a hole in the OLED display is a very challenging technology", said Yang Byung-duk, who serves as Samsung's vice president of Mobile Communication R&D Group Display. However, as Samsung said, placing camera sensors beneath the display is a little tricky and the company will need more time to flawless its design and engineering process.

Ultimately when the technology does arrive in phones, it will likely be accompanied the integration of other technologies such as speakers and fingerprint readers in the screen itself, making the dream of the all-screen phone finally a reality. In order to make such a device, all the sensors are a camera on the front side have moved under the display. Don't forget that the company had also been working on a foldable device since nearly a decade and it is only now gone onto to release one. Samsung's previous generation Galaxy S9 didn't have a notch, but instead had a bezel that stretched across the top of the phone above its screen.

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An integrated camera of this nature would not affect the camera's functionality, the executive added.

Samsung has proven in the past that it's capable of releasing ambitious phone designs. "Hole display is not one of the design options, but it is a noteworthy achievement in terms of the display technological advances".

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