Lisa Page: Yeah, Obama's DOJ Killed the Prosecution of Hillary Clinton

Lisa Page: Yeah, Obama's DOJ Killed the Prosecution of Hillary Clinton

A former FBI agent who helped lead the investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation says "there was no conspiracy" at the agency to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president. "Hopefully, justice will finally be served". That the Department of Justice reopens investigations into Hillary Clinton's emails and Carter Page's FISA warrant. Strzok was dismissed from Robert Mueller's team once the text messages were uncovered by internal investigations. Page wrote to Strzok on August 8, 2016. Republican lawmakers have pointed to the messages as evidence of political bias inside the bureau.

In contrast, when we look into what could have (and perhaps should have) been the investigation into possible collusion between Hillary Clinton's campaign and Barack Obama's Justice Department to cover up Clinton's misdeeds, we get mere droplets of information generally reported only by conservative-leaning outlets.

Strzok also noted he was not sure how often the FBI briefed retired personnel about closed cases - as they did in the Clinton email investigation in late October 2016. The inspector general concluded in June of previous year that "the prosecutors' decision was based on their assessment of the facts, the law, and past Department practice in cases involving these statutes".

Lisa Page, via social media.

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Precisely what "decision" Trump is referencing is unclear.

Former FBI Director James Comey, who spent much of his life as a registered Republican, announced in mid-2016 that Clinton would not be charged with any crimes but denounced her actions as "extremely careless". Days later, Clinton was let off for repeatedly mishandling top secret, classified information. She is a partner at the Dhillon Law Group.

She does, however, also explain how other Federal Bureau of Investigation officials nevertheless allegedly engaged in "smack talk" against Clinton.

"W$3 hen you say advice you got from the Department, you're making it sound like it was the Department that told you: You're not going to charge gross negligence because we're the prosecutors and we're telling you we're not going to [bring a case based on that?]" Ratcliffe asked.

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