Google jumps on the foldable phone bandwagon, files patent

Google jumps on the foldable phone bandwagon, files patent

Foldable phones are certainly the talk of the town this year.

We just have to wait for more informations about this very interesting device, as Xiaomi has accustomed us over the years, it could revolutionize the newborn foldable smartphone market.

Almost every company is working on a foldable phone and you can bet that even those who say they aren't are at least doing some R&D into it - afterall, who wanted to be left behind when a new trend takes off. Apart from an overview, the leaked patent images don't reveal much about Google's first foldable smartphone.

Whether this foldable Pixel phone from Google ever sees the light of day is of course unknown and to be honest, not expected but it is good to see Google at least doing the basic groundwork should they ever want to release a foldable Pixel. Samsung and Huawei have already launched two foldable devices, while other companies confirmed that similar mechanisms are in the making or teased early foldable phone concepts. Aside from that, the phone seems quite familiar to the Galaxy Fold from Samsung.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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The device is likely to have an inwardly foldable display

Another design shows a handset that folds down in three sections, with three display surfaces that stack when folded to create one smaller device.

The aforesaid patent gives us a brief glimpse of a smartphone that seems to bear a striking resemblance to the 2019 version of the Motorola RAZR.

Further, Google is rumored to have asked those with roles in its tablet and laptop division to find other positions in the company, suggesting hardware development is being deprioritized, or that there won't pursue as many hardware lines in the future.

"Like Apple with its iPhones, Google reportedly outsources manufacturing of the Pixel 3 to Foxconn, and both HTC and LG shared manufacturing duties on the Pixel 2 phones", the report said.

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