Google Removed 2.3 Billion Bad Ads In 2018

Google Removed 2.3 Billion Bad Ads In 2018

Google added new policies in 2017, and highlighted its efforts in this year's report, noting it took down ads on roughly 1.2 million pages, 22,000 apps and 15,000 sites for violating policies around misrepresentative, hateful or low-quality content. Google enforcement ramped up another dimension, though, by blocking those responsible for those ads. Some 734,000 publisher and app developers were removed from its ad network, and ads were removed entirely from almost 1.5 million apps, Google said. That's about double the number as past year, Scott Spencer, Google's director of sustainable ads, said in a blog post.

"Sustainable ads" may sound weird, but it's an important idea. As the dominant leader in digital advertising, Google is the primary gatekeeper of how and which types of ads appear online.

Ads are already in enough trouble - with browsers including Safari, Firefox, Brave and even Google's own Chrome getting increasingly assertive about reining in their abuses.

Finally, Google said it had worked closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the cybersecurity firm White Ops to take down 3ve, "one of the largest and most complex worldwide ad fraud operations we've ever seen".

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Then, it launched 330 new "detection classifiers", (almost three times as much as in 2017), helping the company better detect "badness" at the page level.

In total, Google created 31 new ad policies to stop bad ads in problematic areas related to, ticket resellers, third-party, and local services such as bail bonds and addiction treatment facilities.

Google used a combination of human reviewers and artificial intelligence to spot sources of bad ads. It said it verified almost 143,000 election ads in the U.S. "We removed ads from nearly 74,000 pages for violating our "dangerous or derogatory" content policy, and took down approximately 190,000 ads for violating this policy".

It also worked with White Ops and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to take down an ad fraud ring that generated over 3bn bids daily at its peak.

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